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Michiana Fight League

    Fri, 2008-09-19 07:28 — Alli Weiler

    South Bend, IN – Michiana Fight League, MFL, put on its second show at the Century Center in South Bend, IN on Friday, August 8th.

    South Bend, IN – Michiana Fight League, MFL, put on its second show at the Century Center in South Bend, IN on Friday, August 8th. The venue featured stadium seating and there was not a bad seat to be had in the house. Eighteen Amateur fighters and ten professional mixed martial artists were on the card. Promoter, Alan Stockman, did a great job of pairing up the fighters and the night proved to be action packed with fighters showing both heart and technical ability.

    The first fight of the night was a debut for fighter James Edwards who squared off against Steve Franklin. Edwards went for a guillotine but Franklin kept his poise, escaped, and transitioned into a sweet triangle attempt. Edwards escaped with a slam and both fighters started trading blows. Franklin was rocked but saved by the bell – Edwards came out swinging looking to finish Franklin before he had a chance to recover and won his first fight by knockout at the beginning of the second round.

    Mike Emrich, a 155lber fighting out of Legion Fighting Alliance, faced off against Team Bulldogs Elliot Ramirez. The crowd went crazy as Emrich won by knockout at the ten-second mark of the first round from a clean shot on the button.

    At the end of the nine Amateur bouts, the official count was: three bouts finished by submission, three by knockout, two ref stoppages, and one decision.

    After a brief intermission, the night’s action continued with Nate Waits vs. Mike Pickett, a seasoned fighter from Team Bulldog. Neither fighter wasted any time – both came out slugging with Pickett going for his trademark high kick. Waits kept his hands up and his distance – he played his game and quickly took the fight to the ground. Waits sucked Pickett into his full guard and started working submissions. Pickett tried to pass the guard and Waits saw an opportunity and took it. Waits won by armbar in the first round.

    Eddie Torres, a newcomer to MMA fighting out of Legion Fighting Alliance faced off against Team Bulldogs Derek Mersich. The bout showcased promoter Allan Stockman’s ability to pair up fighters that entertain the crowd and give them a fight worth their money. Mersich started pushing the pace of the match with an impressive takedown. Torres recovered quickly and met him head on with equal aggression. Mersich, quick with the double leg, shot in for another takedown but this time Torres was ready and met the attempt with a fast sprawl. Mersich tried to turn the corner and Torres transitioned to full guard. Torres immediately started working his submissions and sunk in a armbar – with a show of strength Mersich lifted Torres off the ground and slammed Torres in an attempt to free his arm and escape. Torres used the slam to cinch up higher on Mersichs elbow and locked out the arm. Mersich tapped out and Torres was declared winner by submission in the first round.

    Aung La “The Bermeise Python” Nsang, a heavyweight fighting out of Legion Fighting Alliance faced off against Josh Mix fighting out of Diesels Gym. Nsang started the fight with a leg kick that we could feel from our seats! Mix returned the blow with a flurry of punches. Nsang clinched and took the fight to the fence, fought for his underhooks and followed with a takedown landing in half guard. Mix recovered from the slam and went for a Guillotine attempt with the arm in. Nsang kept his cool and passed from half guard to mount. Before Nsang could sink in the position Mix scrambled for the reversal – Nsang used the momentum of the reversal to transition to an armbar. Mix tried to defend and Nsang used his legs to kick Mix over onto his back and finished the bout by submission with an armbar in the first round.

    The first title fight of the night was Ben Gerdes, a national level wrestler, who trains out of Gilbert Grappling – a highly respected MMA gym in the area against Jason “the Bambino” Baggett fighting out of Legion Fighting Alliance and ShadowHouse Jiu-Jitsu. Baggett currently holds the 145lb title for the MFL; he has fought his way thru the 155lb bracket to secure a shot at this title. The bout started with an intense stare down and neither fighter showed any sign of backing down. The energy level was high in the arena as both fighters came out with a flurry of swings. Gerdes drove Baggett into the fence and Baggett immediately started working a guillotine – Gerdes defended, dropped his chin, and started fighting for the underhooks to work his takedowns. Baggett began dropping elbows and followed up with an attempt at a ten-finger guillotine. Gerdes, an experienced fighter, was aware of the attack – he defended and broke away. There was another flurry of blows by both fighters, they clinched, and the fight was back at the fence. Baggett got the underhooks and reaped Gerdes, who in a scramble to at least go to a neutral position after the takedown ended up on two knees. Baggett took the opportunity to start dropping blows. Baggett landed a solid punch that rocked Gerdes and smelling blood, he started raining punches down on Gerdes who was knocked out in the onslaught. Baggett was declared winner by knockout in the first round and claimed the MFL 155lb title belt.

    Official Results of the Evening:

    Amateur Bouts
    James Edwards vs. Steve Franklin – Edwards by knockout
    Mike Wood vs. Rico Robinson – Wood by decision
    Corey Nicholson vs. James Hill – Hill by ref stoppage at Nicholson’s request
    John Watson vs. Jake Himes – Himes by knockout
    Jon Bradley vs. David Kwist – Kwist by submission
    Lyle Streeter vs. Joe Sickman – Streeter by submission
    Mike Emrich vs. Elliott Ramirez – Emrich by knockout
    Nate Myer vs. Joe Lopez – Myer by ref stoppage
    Brandon Beshires vs. Chris Thomas – Thomas by submission

    Professional Bouts

    Nate Waits vs. Mike Pickett – Waits by submission

    Eddie Torres vs. Derek Mersich – Torres by submission

    Josh Mix vs. Aung La Nsang – Nsang by submission

    Ben Gerdes vs. Jason Baggett – Baggett by knockout

    Dan Bolden vs. Joe Alexander -

    For readers who are interested in experiencing the action first hand, Upcoming Events Information, including Times, Locations, and Ticket Purchase Info can be found at:

    October 18th at the Century Center in South Bend, IN
    December 12th at the Century Center in South Bend, IN

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