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MMA this Sunday in Tijuana, Mexico!!!

    Fri, 2006-07-07 08:00 — Marco Perez

    CAGE OF FIRE II / Mixed Martial Arts
    Sunday July 9th, 2006 in Tijuana, Mexico
    @ Baby Rock discotheque & night club
    Doors open 4:00PM / Fight Card 5:00PM
    General Admission $30.00 dlls / Ringside VIP $50.00 dlls.
    Tickets available at the door / All ages.

    The Cage returns for its second presentation in the city of Tijuana, Mexico to be used as the fight arena to some of the best gladiators in the region this Sunday!

    Tony Perez and Juan Noriega (also promoters of Reto Maximo) are pleased to announce this their latest edition of their CAGE OF FIRE production.

    17 explosive NHB bouts are scheduled in this action packed night’s card.

    Among the opening bouts Jose Guardado, reigning Jr. Welterweight
    World Kick Boxing Champion (IKBA), will be making his MMA debut facing Maurice Eazel, a talented wrestler out of Subfighter Team that will put Guardado to the test in a not so familiar territory for the striking champion.

    Marco Soto, judo brown belt and team mate of Guardado in Ensenada, Mexico is also stepping into the Cage once again to face Polynesis Jackson out of Las Vegas in a bout originally scheduled to have taken place a year ago.

    Mike “The Math Librarian” Martelle, Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu fighter out of Canada, is coming back to Mexico for a tough challenge facing NCAA Wrestling champion Raphael Davis from Hermosa Beach, CA.

    Mauro and Rafael Salomao, BJJ black belts under Edson Carvalho in Bahia, Brazil currently fighting out of Guadalajara, Mexico are set to fight in the card, as well as team mate and also BJJ black belt Iure Silva.

    Rafael Salomao, originally scheduled to face Yahir Reyes from Tijuana, Mexico is to confirm accepting the matchup versus short notice step up Brandon Gushiken from Ma Du Entertainment. Yahir decided to pull from the bout just this Wednesday … and Salomao Vs. Gushiken looks to be a go.

    Mauro Salomao, older of the two Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champions, is scheduled to face Andrew Sanchez out of West Coast Jiu-Jitsu in Upland, CA in a match which promises to stand out with some of the most technical grappling of the night.

    Iure Silva after his two successful first MMA bouts in Guadalajara, Mexico is facing his most experienced opponent to date in Dominique “Fallen Angel” Robinson out of Oakland, CA.

    Kyle "Spider Man" Olsen, Champion of one of Mexico’s most prestigious fight promotions and sister organization MMA-FC based in Guadalajara, Mexico returns to the Cage in Tijuana facing equally experienced and talented fighter Albert Rios fighting out of Tracy Hess’ Subfighter Team.
    Cedric Marks, long time favorite of fight fans from both sides of the border for his talents and always exciting performances is also scheduled to take action in one of the cards main events.

    Another of the night’s main event bouts pits explosive super heavyweights Adolfo De La Torre Vs. Greg White. Adolfo represents Tijuana’s Entram Gym under Dean Lister’s protégé Raul Arvizu, and Greg White proudly represents Riverside Submission / Joe Camacho fight team under Frank Romero. Although both train extensively in grappling under outstanding MMA instructors… they prefer to bang. Common sense dictates not to blink for the duration of this bout.

    Sunday July 9, 2006
    Baby Rock Discotheque – Tijuana, Mexico


    Jose Guardado 137 lbs, 0 - 0
    MMAEns Guardado’s Gym, Ensenada, Mexico
    Maurice Eazel 135 lbs, 0 - 1
    Subfighter Team, Lakewood, CA

    Isaac Peralta 140 lbs, 2 - 5
    Team Bad Boy, Ensenada, Mexico
    Rick Screeton 140 lbs, 2-6-1
    Deth Ko Sin, San Diego, CA

    Daniel Morales 165 lbs, 1 - 0
    Galindo’s Bull Pen, San Diego, CA
    Mike Crutchfield 165 lbs, 1 - 0
    The Box Fight Team, Visalia, CA

    Edgar Medina 170 lbs, 1 - 0
    Entram Vale Todo / Lister Team, Tijuana, Mexico
    Jose Hernandez 170 lbs, 0 - 1
    Balak Security MMA, Tijuana, Mexico

    Guillermo Smith 180 lbs, 0 - 1
    MMAEns Guardado’s Gym, Ensenada, Mexico
    Larry Maya 180 lbs, 0 - 0
    Galindo’s Bull Pen, San Diego, CA

    Frank Duffy 190 lbs, 1 - 2
    Brawley Combat Club, Brawley, CA
    Ulises Cortez 190 lbs, 0 - 2
    I. V. Combat Grappling, El Centro, CA

    Brandon Cole 185 lbs, 1 - 0
    Team Quest, Temecula, CA
    Christopher Chiasson 185 lbs, 0 - 0
    Todd Medina’s Freestyle Fighting, New Port Beach, CA

    Antonio Duarte 145 lbs, 2 - 0
    Entram Vale Todo / Lister Team, Tijuana, Mexico
    Jesse Miramontes 140 lbs, 3 - 1
    Ma Du Entertainment, Huntington Beach, CA

    Dominique Robinson 160 lbs, 6 - 0
    Freestyle MMA, Oakland, CA
    Iure Silva 160 lbs, 2 - 0
    Salomao / Carvalho Jiu-Jitsu, Bahia, Brasil

    Marco Soto 175 lbs, 2 - 1
    MMAEns Guardados’ Gym, Ensenada, Mexico
    Polynesis Jackson 175 lbs, 0 - 1
    Team Birdman MMA, Las Vegas, NV

    Ronald LeBretton, Jr. 210 lbs, 0 - 0
    Riverside Submission / Joe Camacho Team, Riverside, CA
    Miguel Medrano 210 lbs, 0 - 0
    Subfighter Team, Lakewood, CA

    Odell “Titan” Mixon 205 lbs, 3 - 1
    Freestyle MMA, Oakland, CA
    Dave “Dead Man” Mays 205 lbs, 3 - 1
    Todd Medina’s Freestyle Fighting, New Port Beach, CA

    Mike “The Math Librarian” Martelle 215 lbs, 1 - 0
    Grizzly Gym, Banff-Alberta, Canada
    Raphael Davis 215 lbs, 0 - 0
    Freestyle Wrestling / MMA, Hermosa Beach, CA

    Andrew Sanchez 155 lbs, 0 - 0
    West Coast Jiu-Jitsu, Upland, CA
    Mauro Salomao 155 lbs, 6 - 1
    Salomao / Carvalho Jiu-Jitsu, Bahia, Brasil

    Kyle Olsen 155 lbs, 4 - 2
    KFSS / Team Frater, Ontario, CA
    Albert Rios 155 lbs, 4 - 2
    Subfighter Team, Lakewood, CA

    John Cole 185 lbs, 7 - 2
    West Coast Jiu-Jitsu, Upland, CA
    Cedric Marks 185 lbs, 15 - 13
    Galindo’s Bull Pen, San Diego, CA

    Adolfo De La Torre 240 lbs, 2 - 1
    Entram Vale Todo / Lister Team, Tijuana, Mexico
    Greg White 230 lbs, 2 - 1
    Riverside Submission / Joe Camacho Team, Riverside, CA

    To Be Confirmed

    Brandon Gushiken 143 lbs, 4 - 0
    Ma Du Entertainment, Huntington Beach, CA
    Rafael Salomao 140 lbs, 4 - 1
    Salomao / Carvalho Jiu-Jitsu, Bahia, Brasil

    Brian Shoffner 185 lbs, 1 - 0
    Indian Wells Valley Combat Club, Ridgecrest, CA
    Sean Loeffler 185 lbs, 2 - 0
    Riverside Submission / Joe Camacho Team, Riverside, CA

    Fight card subject to change*

    Larry Landless – Referee

    H. Comisión de Box, Lucha Libre y Kick Boxing de Tijuana, Mexico
    (Athletic Commission) – Sanctioning Body

    Benjamin Sandoval, MD - Ring Doctor
    Angel De La Torre, MD – Medical Services
    Mexican Red Cross - Paramedics

    Baby Rock is located approximately 1 mile south from the border on
    Paseo de los Heroes boulevard which is the main way crossing the border into Tijuana. Suggestion is to leave your vehicle on the US side in San Ysidro, CA. As you enter Mexico there are various transportation services available. Best option is Taxi Libre (Open Route Cab) service. Cabs are painted White & Red. Fare to La Mesa Inn (fighter’s hotel) or Baby Rock disco (Fight Venue) is no more than $5.00 dollars for 1 to 4 persons boarding the cab.

    Visit us at:

    A big thanks for the continued and growing support of the sport in Mexico. See you all this Sunday!!!


    Marco Perez (Tony) & Juan Noriega
    Reto Máximo / Cage Of Fire - Promoters
    KRO.1 Promotions
    Phn (01152664) 675-4166 Mex
    Phn (619) 341-4643 USA
    Nextel. 125*318150*7

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