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Moicano defeats Iliarde in a very hard fight in Jungle Fight

    Thu, 2011-06-30 10:26 — SilvaBR

     The 29th edition of Jungle Fight was held last Saturday, and had as its main attraction the duel between Renato Moicano and Iliarde Santos. The confrontation, eagerly awaited by the public, did not disappoint, with both fighters fighting a real war for three rounds in the ring.
    Moicano got better in the first round, connecting and sustaining good shots and attempts to drop his opponent. Iliarde turned more aggressive in the second round, balancing the dispute. The third and decisive round was tied, with athletes seeking the honest fighting all the time. After applying two takedowns, Moicano opened the advantage needed to win the fight in the judges' decision.

    "Iliarde is a very tough guy, experienced. I train only two years ago, but came to show the value of the new generation of MMA", celebrated Moicano.

    Neilson defeats Field; duel of heavyweights has no result

    The Bahian Neilson Gomes showed that is on the rise on the national scene in the duel against Julio Cesar Field. With the game released in good standing, Neilson was better in the first round, and earned the victory in the range of combat, as Field became ill and could not return to the dispute.

    Ednaldo Lula was doing a good fight against Luis Guilherme, but ended up hitting the eye of his opponent, who could not continue the fight. As the blow was not intentional, the match was declared a No Contest and the fight will happen again in the next step of Jungle.

    In the duel Brazil vs Argentina, Williams Santos defeated Emiliano Sordi in the judges' decision, raising the local public.

    Next edition of Jungle will have dispute for the lightweight belt

    According to Wallid Ismail, Jungle Fight promoter, the next event will be held on July 30, in Belém, and will have dispute for the belt of the lightweights of the organization between Francisco Massaranduba and Adriano Martins.

    Here are the complete results of the event:

    Jungle Fight 29

    Serra, ES


    - Renato Moicano defeated Iliarde Santos in the judges' decision;

    - Neilson Gomes defeated Julio Cesar Field by forfeit in the range from the 2nd to the 3rd round;

    - Ednaldo Lula vs Luis Guilherme – No Contest;

    - Wilians Santos defeated Emiliano Sordi in the judges' decision;

    - Gabriel Moraes defeated Magno Magoo by KO in the 1st round;

    - Gilmar de Andrade defeated Claudinei Souza by forfeit in the range from the 2nd to the 3rd round;

    - Douglas Bertazini defeated Cleiton Prisco by forfeit in the range from the 2nd to the 3rd round;

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