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Murilo regrets the tragedy in RJ and promised help through BTT

    Wed, 2011-01-19 09:29 — SilvaBR

     After arriving in Brazil from a trip to Holland, Murilo Bustamante was impressed with the plight of residents of the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, victims of severe storms in recent days, which has logged more than 700 deaths. The leader of the Brazilian Top Team said he is organizing donations for the victims of the tragedy, and still told how his team plans are for this year.
    Murilo, you're coming back from a trip. Just vacations or work too?
    Both. Training there in Amsterdam, at the academy of Marcus Flexa, a former partner of Carlson, I have also been to Norway, to the Felipe Mota’s academy, a student of Ratinho and Vinny. But I also walked, because I did not know neither Holland nor Norway. After I spent Christmas, New Year and the rest from vacation in France.
    You posted on your twitter that you was shocked when you returned to Rio and saw the news about the tragedy in the mountainous region...
    I arrived Friday, I knew what had happened but had no idea of the seriousness of the situation, and I was really impressed. I spoke with friends who live there, like Alex Davis, who works with me in BTT. He is there helping people, thank God nothing happened to him or his family, but many need help, it was a very big tragedy of proportions that would not usually see. I think everyone has to help, today morning I made my donation, I'm doing a campaign with my team ... It's very sad, people lost relatives, there are missing persons, there are those who lost homes and all assets, they just stayed with their body clothes. It is tragic someone loose all the references of life in something like that.
    Did you ever open a bank account for donations or organized a collection point for supplies?
    This week, at BTT, we collect food, clothing and medicine to help there. Let's organize ourselves to could leave everything there to the mountain region.
    And your plans to fight again, how are they?
    Surely, this year I will fight, yes. By the middle of the year, maybe.

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