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The Open House Project

    Fri, 2005-09-23 07:50 — Ed Clay

    The OpenHouse Project was founded by members of the MMA community.

    Team up with us on The Open House Project.Org

    I just wanted to take a second to let all of you know that The Open House Project
    has had tremendous success over the past week. I sent each of you an email about two weeks ago and asked you to help us help others. The reply
    we saw was incredibly heart-warming.

    In the past week we've done interviews with CNBC, The Washington Post, The LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, and The Houston Chronicle just to name a few. We're doing another live interview this Sunday at 3:00 PM CST with CNN as well!! We've been able to generate close to 7,000 beds for victims affected by the hurricane and matched up hundreds of families with host families all across the country.

    If some of you could have read the messages we've been reading I'm sure it would bring you to tears just like it has us.

    The Open House Project is doing great but we need your help to make it better. We're really in need of "foot volunteers" to make the match-making process work more efficiently. A foot volunteer physically
    goes to a shelter or area where there are a lot of evacuees and helps by passing out housing request forms (which can be found at

    If you live in an area where there a lot of evacuees and know that you're able to help in this manner then please send an email to

    There's nothing we'd love to see more than the entire MMA community behind
    us! Even if you can't volunteer, please help us get the word out. We
    need more beds and we need to get word to the evacuees that there is help
    available for them.

    From all of us at Gameness,

    We thank you

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