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OTM BJJ Championships Quick Results

    Sat, 2006-07-29 19:41 — Gumby

    From the Black Belt Convention Center in Long Beach

    Intersting day of competition to say the least, as several hundred Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practicioners took center stage at the Black Belt Magazine Martial Arts convention. A few of the traditional martial arts practicioners even signed up for the gi competition, and many of the demonstrations held were entertaining for everyone who saw.

    Some great action took place on the mat as well. Here are some highlights:

    Brown Belts:

    Featherweight division:

    THis was a round robin division between new brown belt Simpson Go, Rafael Garcia and Shane Rice. Sim defeated Rafael in a terrific match to begin the sequence by the score of 4-0. Shane Rice then defeated Garcia by a kimura, armbar from the bottom. Sim and Shane then battled for the title, which saw Shane run up the score 15-0 relatively quickly, but Sim never giving up. Sim may have begun to turn the tide towards the end as Shane was noticibly limping from an exchange or collision, but Shane stayed dominant and went on to win the division.


    With one competitior each, the lighter Mike Prudencio fought John (form Chris Liscandrio's school). John looked intense and scored two sweeps to win 4-0, although Mike had several near submissions in the match.

    Black Belt:

    Frederico Sabbatini defeats Joao Cunha 2-0. A much, much more exciting match than the score would suggest, as both competitors were really pressing the action. Cunha often found himself pulling guard, and looking for submissions, but Frederico was agressively trying to pass. A late takedown by Frederico secures the win and evens up the score between the two (Joao defeated Frederico at IGJJF 2)

    Two legends of the mat met in Nelson Monteiro vs Chris Hauter. Chris quickly stated this was a difficult match for him as Nelson was one of his first coaches, but when the time began it was all business. Nelson pulled guard, and after a few attempts Chris defended well managed to pull off the sweep. From there Nelson passed guard and secured the armlock. Looks like the coach definitely still has some tricks up his sleeve.

    Wanting a match badle, Jeff Glover (all 145 pounds of him), stepped up and fought a well over 200 Roberto from Gracie Barra. Jeff was extremely valiant in the attempt and nearly pulled off several slick manuevers, but in the end Robertos skill and size were too much and he submitted Jeff with a collar choke from the top.

    Tomorrow will be the US Open of Submission Grappling. Stay tuned for more, and see you on the mat!

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