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OTM NorCal Heros Videos!

    Thu, 2007-05-31 08:36 — Gumby

    OTM NorCal Heros May 26 2006 Report
    Union City, CA

    Check back soon, we shot tons of video and we are in the process of digitizing and uploading all of it!

    The first OTM NorCal Heros tournament was brought to you by, the OTM Fightshop San Jose (1020 Alameda), and One World MArtial Arts.

    After having travelled around the world to report and promote on grappling, I am very eager to promote the art in my own backyard, which I believe is one of the most diverse and talent rich areas anywhere! To that end we decided to organize the NorCal Heros tournament, and because One World Martial Arts in Union City graciously hosted the tournament for us, we were able to keep the costs and registration fees down low.

    One World Martial Arts located at 33415 Western Ave in Union City is a huge and beautiful facility boasting about 1800 feet in matspace, a full sized boxing ring, and a full Crossfit facility! We held the action on the mats and had two matches going on at all times.

    The day begin with Children's division, and most of the children falling within a the same approximate weight range, competitors were placed in a pool and guarenteed multiple matches. The talent level and heart shown by all the competitors was extremely impressive and if we take this as the future of Martial Arts in the Bay Area we have a very bright future indeed.

    The beginners divisions were large and stacked. A few opted to move up to the intermediate divisions where the talent level and excitement rose. Advanced divisions were treated as superfights and given the full mat space to work on, (which barely seemeed like enough space in one instance.)

    Overall the tournament ran well and the vibe while competitive was very friendly and relatively relaxed for a tournament. Things rand well with the exception of a few bumps and one big injury (get better soon Pirate) and everyone was off well in time to watch the UFC later on that night.

    We are also able to raise a full drum full of canned good which will be donated to a local food bank/homeless shelter charity!

    A big thanks to our staff, especially our referees Sergio Silva, Denny Prokopos, Darren "BC" Uyenoyama, and Paul "El Technico" Schriener.

    The next NorCal Heros tournament will likely be coming to you late in 2007 and we'll look to go with a larger venue and superfights. We'll keep you posted.

    Stay tuned to the where we will bring you tons more video from the NorCal Heros Tournament!


    Children's Division:

    1st: Colin Navickas
    2nd: Justin Martin Del Campo
    3rd: Kaniela Kahuanui
    4th: Alex Martin Del Campo

    145 Beginner

    1st: Victor Delrosia
    2nd: Andrew Webb
    3rd: Phillip Seiden
    3rd: Drew Humphry

    155 Beginner

    1st: Cole Berry
    2nd: Mike Imperial
    3rd: Tor Sjobun
    3rd: Moses Norton

    170 Beginner

    1st Adam Piccolotti
    2nd: Gabe Pressnall
    3rd: Mike Goghan
    3rd: Jon Chiu

    185 Beginner

    1st: Brett Powell
    2nd: Lucas Andrade
    3rd: Francisco Soto
    3rd: Chuck Vontteran

    205 Beginner

    1st: Kenny Contreras
    2nd: Steve Grubbs
    3rd: Dan Carlson
    3rd: Azarias Castro

    225 Beginner:

    1st: Danny Tapuelulu
    2nd: Anthony Barker
    3rd: Alan Li
    3rd: Patrick Welsh

    Over Beginner:

    1st: Mario Alvarido
    2nd: Matt Pasqual
    3rd: Chris Johnson
    3rd: Darnell Simpleins

    Intermediate 145:

    1st Mike Strangis

    Intermediate 155

    Intermediate 170

    1st: Jeff Loucks

    Intermediate 185

    1st: Sam Spengler

    Intermediate Over:

    1st: Mario Alvarido

    Advanced Division results:

    155 Pound Division:
    Denny Prokopos over Derrick Easterling armbar
    Yui Yamakawa over Derrick Easterling armbar
    Denny Prokopos over Yui Yamakawa 7-0

    175 Pound Catch weight

    Zachary over Jeff Loucks Choke in Overtime

    185 Advanced Division

    Jose Bencosme over Scott Belzer 4-0

    Women's Division:

    1st: Charlene Coats
    2nd: Crystina Coats
    3rd: Genevie Ramirez

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