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OTM Store Updated, + 3 New DVD Titles!

    Fri, 2005-06-03 00:25 — OntheMat

    Visit our online store at

    OntheMat is your top destination on the web for all of your jiujitsu and submission grappling information, and we want to be your top destination for all of you jiujitsu and submission grappling shopping needs. We've reorganized our shopping cart to make it even easier to pinpoint the types of products you need for your training fix! We've also added a slew of new vendors and products to our online store, including video from Michael Jens and Quantum Jiu Jitsu, and gear from NoGi Industries!

    We've also placed many of our older items on clearance, including BLOWING OUT our VHS tape collection for as low as 9.99 per title, and some of our original OntheMat collection gear as well!

    We've also got three brand new titles (well two new ones as well as remastered favorite): The return of the original 101 Submissions, along with Cholitzu featuring Tony DeSouza and a brand new release from Darrell Gholar! Furthermore the infamous Twister is back in stock! Awesome!

    101 Submissions

    NEWLY REMASTERED VERSION! The latest version of 101 Subs contains a brand new soundtrack, audio commentary, bonus footage and easter eggs! You NEED to add this to your collection!

    101 Submissions is real competition footage remixed into ninety minutes of today's top fighters submitting their opponents one after another. Over four months of painstakingly combing through hundreds of hours of footage was needed to develop 101 Submissions. This DVD is the first of its kind and OntheMat is very proud to offer it. Not only is 101 Submissions entertainment, it is also a valuble-learning tool. 101 Submissions has no stalling and includes only the best of the best when it comes to fight footage. The DVD menu of 101 scenes makes each submission easy to get to and repeat. 101 Submissions has no Gi and Gi footage from the best events from around the world. 101 Submissions also features a carefully thought out soundtrack to add to the armlocks, chokes, twisters, footlocks, wristlocks, kneebars and others submissions.

    Darrell Gholar Ultimate Throws for Vale Tudo

    Upperbody Throws for No Holds Barred Fighting

    This takedown series is important for no-holds-barred fighting because almost every fight ends up with the fighters in the clinch or tie up position. If one knows and understands upper-body ties and takedowns he can score an easy takedown from the clinch position. This is the reason so many Greco-Roman wrestler do well in NHB fighting. They use upper-body to score effortless throws and takedowns on opponents. Understanding the clinch position also affords fighters a chance to rest and recover. Rather than fight to keep from getting thrown you can regroup and strategize before resuming the fight.

    Anyone who studies this series will find it easy and very helpful for learning how to score upper body throws on opponents in NHB fighting.

    Darrell Gholar

    Cholitzu with Tony DeSouza

    Created by the ingenuity of the ancient Incan warrior spirit and affected by the chaotic modern day Peruvian living conditions. Cholitzu is based on the positioning of college wrestling and influenced by the creativity of Jiu Jitsu.

    "My style is Cholitzu, and I have been working on it since I was 13. I have always been searching for ways to inflict pain and hurt my opponents. Cholo is the derogatory name that the people call the Peruvian descendent of Inca. It's the Jiu-Jitsu style of the Cholos here in Peru. My style of wrestling has always been unorthodox. I did not wrestle to win, but rather to hurt my opponent and make him submit.

    Tony DeSouza

    This DVD covers:

    Double Leg
    Transition to the Ground
    High Crotch
    Outside Single
    Defensive Stance
    Attacking off the Sprawl
    Monkey Guard
    Single Leg Defenses and Transitions
    High Crotch Defense
    Leg Riding and the Back
    Submissions off the back
    Monk Guard
    Body Lock
    Passing & Finishing

    Thanks for the support, and we'll see you On the Mat!

    Train Hard
    Fight Hard
    Party Hard

    Your Friends,

    Scotty and Gumby

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