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Pedro Rizzo talks about victory at Impact FC

    Fri, 2010-07-23 14:06 — SilvaBR

     Pedro Rizzo beat Ken Shamrock by TKO in the main fight of Impact FC, which happened last Sunday, in Australia. The fighter spoke to Portal do Vale Tudo about his fight.
    "The fight was quiet, I won smoothly as I expected", he said, "But fight is a fight, Ken Shamrock beats heavy, but I managed to set the first round. I think I missed a little of my mobility, I think I have to lose more than 4 or 5 kg, to be lighter and faster, but overall the fight was good. I was able to drop more, kicked a lot, but my walk in the ring, to encircle and hit, I thought it was a little slow. I have to train harder and get faster, because to fight at a high level need to be faster and lighter".
    Fighting against the lack of fight sequences in recent years, Rizzo celebrates having made three matches in less than a year with three wins, and believes it is doing with that evolved in the ring, gaining more speed and confidence.
    "I think I'm progressing", he said, "In my fight with Jeff Monson, last year, I was kind of lacking confidence to match the strokes. In the fight against Gary Goodridge, which I won by knockout in the second round, I could drop a little more, and in that last fight I could drop a little early. I think the timing is coming back, but I am step by step, one fight at a time, and I'm seeing a trend, which is what matters. In next fight I will be a little better and soon I'll be at the top level that I've fought".
    To maintain the good phase, the Brazilian hopes to return to the ring later this year, perhaps making up two fights before quitting in 2010.
    "I have proposed to fight in October, I'm just waiting to confirm the date and opponent to be able to disclose. I think in October I'm back, and that's great. I fought in May, July and three more months I'm back again and if I feel good do an even more in December. So I can not complain about lack of sequence, and next year I'll be ready to get back to fight with the tops and become more competitive", he concluded.

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