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Podcast #70 Lovato, Ryan Hall, MMA Girls, Gabe Ruediger, Mayhem Miller

    Sun, 2007-06-03 19:02 — FightWorks proudly presents the FightWorks Podcast! The top BJJ, Submission Grappling and MMA Podcast on the Net!

    Wow this is another packed show. Let’s start with the big news: On the weekend of May 26th in Brazil, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu National Championships (”The Brasileiros”) were held in Rio de Janeiro. The accomplished American grapplers Rafael Lovato Jr. and Ryan Hall headed down to the tournament to participate. We’ll hear from each as Ryan Hall tells us about what it’s like competing down there compared to in the United States, as well as talk to Rafael Lovato Jr. about his special accomplishment (sometimes a gold medal means more than a gold medal).

    Rafael Lovato Jr. at the 2007 Brasileiros
    Rafael Lovato Jr. at the 2007 Brasileiros

    Next, we’ll hear from Joanne of the MMA Girls. If you haven’t seen the MMA Girls on YouTube or MySpace, it was probably just a matter of time. Joanne and Lauren go over BJJ techniques and give their UFC predictions in video format, and have become celebrities quickly, with their videos reaching thousands of views very quickly, as in one of their vids having been viewed 312,000 times!!!

    MMA Girls
    The MMA Girls, Joanne and Lauren

    As we mentioned last week, The FightWorks Podcast headed on the road, travelling from San Diego to the Los Angeles area yesterday for the Jeremy Williams Benefit Seminar and the K-1 Dynamite!! USA show. At the seminar, we caught up with the always-entertaining MMA fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller. Mayhem, whose last fight was in the WEC, was sporting a shiny new blue cast on his hand, and we decided to ask him about that.

    We also spoke with Gabe Ruediger, who is known by some for being asked to leave the house on The Ultimate Fighter Season 5 after having issues with his weight before a fight. Ruediger was asked to fight on yesterday’s K-1 Dynamite!! USA show at the LA Coliseum, but Armando Garcia and the California State Athletic Commission denied him his fighter’s license. Ruediger has engaged legal counsel on the matter and will tell us what he can of the situation.

    Lastly, we’ll give a quick rundown of the K-1 Dynamite!! USA show, including a bit of audio from the match between Royce Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba.

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