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PTP Testimonial

    Sun, 2007-07-08 10:25 — Felipe Costa

    My friends, I got this testimonial and it made me very happy to read it. that is why I would like to share it with you

    "The techniques helped to develop our Jiu Jitsu immensely"

    I recently had the opportunity to invite Felipe Costa to my house for a week doing The Personal Training Program. Not only did he come to teach, he also stayed at my house which was a great honor.

    Jerren, Felipe, Blayne and Laurinda

    Staying with Felipe for a week allowed us time to really get to know him, developing a friendship that helped further the learning process. It was a great experience for my whole family.

    The techniques that were taught helped to develop our Jiu Jitsu immensely. We learned a lot of interesting positions, and we were able to improve upon techniques we already use, as well as adding new ones to our game.

    He showed us how to prevent certain bad situations before they occur, which, I feel, should be taught along with escapes. The details and depth of every position taught, made learning easy. I was wowed every time he taught us a new move.

    Along with teaching the adults, he also taught a kids class. They learned a lot of basic escapes and some finishes. The kids received a lot of personal attention. Felipe made sure the kids knew the technique before class was over.

    My family, my brothers, and nephews are all looking forward to next time he comes.

    His combination of Jiu Jitsu knowledge and likeable manner makes The PTP an awesome program.

    I can say that I found a friend in Felipe Costa.

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