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Response to Assuerio Silva’s Interview

    Sun, 2005-07-03 22:33 — Ed Soares

    I would like to clear the air on a recent interview that Team Tatame did with Assuerio. There were parts of the interview that were direct misquotes of Assuerio`s words, Tatame quoted Assuerio with saying "UFC is the second biggest event in the world and it is a fighter's dream to be there.", Assuerio meant he would be fighting in front of the second biggest crowd population wise. Assuerio has fought in front of 40,000+ people and this will in fact be the second largest crowd he has had the opportunity to showcase his skills in front of. Tatame quoted Assuerio also saying, "And it is not difficult to win this belt nowadays; difficult is in Pride, not in the UFC." Assuerio never conveyed these words to Tatame. Assuerio feels very blessed to be given the opportunity to fight in front of the American fans and this will be his first chance to showcase his skills.
    Assuerio is not taking Tim Silvia lightly; he has immersed himself in some of the most intense training he has ever endured for this fight. He is training very hard and is prepared for Tim in all aspects of the fight. Assuerio has said, if Tim decides to stand up with him he will knock him out; if he takes it to the ground he will submit him. Assuerio is very excited to have to have the chance to fight in the UFC and is looking forward to making his way through the ranks and bringing the Heavyweight title back to Brazil. It upsets me that the media would fabricate the words of an athlete when he is just starting to build his relationship with the UFC. Assuerio`s main focus is beating Tim Silvia and putting on an exciting performance for his UFC debut. Assuerio would like to apologize to the UFC and fans if there was any miscommunication on his part.

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