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Rio Open with Connection Rio, Barra da Tijuca Brazil July 21 - 24...

    Mon, 2011-06-27 09:52 — News


    Rio Open with Connection Rio


    Rio Open 2011 


    It's time for the Rio Open and International Masters of 2011, and the best way for you to make the most of them is with Connection Rio. CR now boasts two houses giving you more choice over how you want to shape your trip. 


    Come early and prepare for the Rio Open and International Masters alongside the rest of the dedicated CR athletes. They're getting ready right now to test their skills under the spotlight of one of the world's largest jiujitsu events. The event takes place July 21st-24th at the Tijuca Tenis Clube.









    Real Rio Show logo

    Real Rio Show


    Two of the newest Real Rio Shows:


    Bitetti Combat Cup: Get the feel of an MMA event in Rio de Janeiro and see how electrifying these Brazilian athletes can be as they give it their all in an 8-man, one-night R$30,000 Grand Prix! - WATCH NOW 


    Edu Pachu's Muay Thai social outreach program in the favela of Tijuquinha: Working within the community for over ten years, Edu is a dedicated athlete who has selflessly given his time to the local children. While you're at it, check out what the surrounding area looks like, including a street market and more. - WATCH NOW



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    Instructional Videos


    With the help of BJJ Hacks founder Hywel Teague, here is a new video on how to pass the butterfly guard. Take a few minutes and learn two of Dennis Asche's most successful butterfly guard passes. Keep your eyes on the Connection Rio YouTube channel for more to come. 

    Butterfly Guard Pass x 2



    Connection Rio 2011 T-shirts out for Rio Open! 


    A limited supply of CR T-shirts will be available soon. They are our best to date and will be gone before you know it, so be on the lookout for notices on Connection Rio Facebook page. 


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