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ROTR Weigh Ins!

    Fri, 2004-11-19 22:10 — Scotty

    Rumble on the Rock Weigh Ins and Press Conference

    Hawaii is awesome. It has been raining too much here and there has not been much surf. But, we are heading back to the north shore tomorrow before the fights. ROTR is the best excuse ever to come here too. What a great idea, come to the beach and watch some world class fights. The weigh ins were held at club Rumors in side the hotel. Everyone made weight and there are a few David vs Goliath matches that look like they should be good.

    Gilbert Melendez (154.5) x Kaynan Kaku (154.5)
    Dennis Hallman (179) x Ross Edanez (178.5)
    This should be a very exciting fight. Ross the Boss the local favorite is fired up and really looks ready to fight. Dennis always is ready to fight; he is coming off a big with at Grapplers Quest West sweeping his division. Dennis was doing some funny Karate moves at the press conference and talked about his Karate training regiment and plans to get some ladies after the fight. The Boss stayed in charge and said he was ready to fight too. Should be a great one.

    Antoni Hardonk (239) x Wes Sims (251)

    Kristof Midoux (220) x Micheal Buntenbah (?)

    Aitor Canup (204.5) x Juda A`alona (236.5)

    Shungo Oyama (204.5) x Sean O` Hare (245)
    This is a crazy match up! Sean is huge but I am not sure how much experience he has in MMA. Oyama seems ready to fight and looks confident.

    Cabbage (268) x Yoshihiro Nakao (222)
    This is going to be a brawl! Nakao has a crazy hair cut and also might be a little crazy. He was mocking Cabbage in both the weigh ins and at the press conference. He seems a little small to nock Cabbages block off.

    Kazuyuki Miyata (150.5) x Royler Gracie (149.5)
    This is Miyata`s fight ever MMA fight. If he beats Royler I will be really impressed.

    Tom Howard (235) x Carter Williams (249)

    Rodrigo Gracie (182) x BJ Penn (180)
    Rodrigo seems very confident and in good shape. BJ is huge and a solid rock at 180. Can`t wait to see this fight!

    OTM & ROTC official after party at ZANZABAR! Come out and buy us drinks!

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