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Save $50 off the last batch of Lucky Gis

    Thu, 2008-07-10 14:59 — Scotty

    Our best sale on Lucky Gis ever!

    $50 off plus free DVD

    Very limited quantities!

    We have never put Lucky Gis On Sale before but we are running low and have a whole new style coming. The new gis will be here in September they are totally different from this style.

    This sale is Online only and while supplies last. When these gis are gone they are gone.

    Just go to and select your size and get one of these gis before they are gone!

    Save $50 Off A Lucky Gi Today! Plus Get a FREE DVD!


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    Thats Retarded? You need a gi that fits!

    Hey Bubby,
    Who did you talk to they are retarded?  Did you buy the gi back in 07? Your gi has a 1 year warranty and you can exchange the top no problem. just email orders at  and we are happy to help.

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     Hey OTM,
    Your lucky gis have been my favorite gis for the last couple years. I have bought 4 of them, all a3,  and they all shrunk to fit me perfect. But when i got my black one it looked super big but i figured the wash would shrink it. The pants fit perfect but the top is between an a5 and a6 just huge, but says a3. Its absolutely unwearable i tried to call and ask if you guys could do something about it, but because i washed it you guys said no. Any way it sits in my closet never used and it really  bothers me that you guys had a size issue and i had to pay for it i really like your guys gis but thats going to be the last gi i ever buy from you do to your bad customer service. Just thought you guys might want to know

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