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Scandinavian Open BJJ report

    Fri, 2005-01-07 12:52 — Carl Fisher

    Over 400 competitors compete for BJJ glory at Peter Blackwell`s Scandinavian Open Jiu Jitsu tournament in Malmo, Sweden!

    Over 400 competitors compete for BJJ glory at Peter Blackwell`s Scandinavian Open Jiu Jitsu tournament in Malmo, Sweden! Brasa Malmo black belt Peter Blackwell`s premier BJJ tournament broke new records on 30th October 2004, with over 400 competitors in attendance; all the major Scandinavian BJJ clubs were out in force including Team Kaisho, SBJJA, Brasa Malmo, GB Norway, Team Hilti and Team Yamasaki. The competition`s popularity stretched as far as Brazil, which led to the attendance of BJJ legend Leo Vieira who flew in for a five day visit, to referee and hold a number of seminars; other notables included Marcelo Yogui, Bobby Sundell and JP Tinoco who were also on refereeing duties. The event was held at the Heleneholms Hallen, Ystadsvagen, Malmo and due to the huge numbers of entrants, the white belt open weight was removed to ensure the event didn`t run into the early hours of Sunday morning; even with this omission, it was a long day all round, even with four mats on the go and a 10am start (my weight class didn`t start until 7pm!). The event enjoyed much needed sponsorship from Team Koral, Fighter mag, Gainomax recovery and Global Farksvarugrossisten in the shape of medals, t shirts and baskets and impressive trophies for the winners of the open weight section from Maximuscle. There was a large contingent of female fighters present and two names stood out from the rest, GB Norway`s Devi Ahuja and newly minted purple belt Camilla Gjelsten who dominated their belt divisions. The white belt division was brimming with new talent and new names all eager to impress the crowds and move up the rankings, with some neat technical matches and submissions to match. In the blue belt division, no one team dominated the winner`s spot on the podium and once again there were a lot of new names in these brackets, indicating a healthy growth in this division, as many of the top names from the last two years have left the competition circuit to pursue MMA matches in the Shooto organisation. The blue belt masters and the purple belts endured lengthy waits before competing, but this didn`t phase the fighters, who gave it their all and once again MMA veteran Arben Latifi dominated his purple belt -91K and the Open weight division and as soon as his matches were over, Latifi headed straight to work! Team Yamasaki purple Pilo Stylin was again in fine form and had the crowds screaming and shouting in his match ups and ended up taking the silver in his division. No brown belts fought on the day but after the excitement of the purples came some special black belt match ups; Leo Neves stepped up to Iran Mascarenhas (Mikenta Gym Denmark) and after a back and forth match, Mascarenhas took the match on a 10-0 points victory. Leo Neves went on to face Brasa Sao Paulo phenom Rob Drysdale, one of Leozinho`s star pupils; before you could get the camera in position, Drysdale sunk a choke in deep in under a minute and the fight was over in the blink of an eye. Rob was born in Utah, US and left to move to Sao Paulo when he was five and had a brief spell back in the US in 98, training with Nova Uniao. Drysdale now trains with Leozinho at Brasa and was awarded his black belt three months ago and finished third in the 2004 Mundials black belt division, not before winning the Mundials in 2002/3 as a purple and brown and winning the Brazilian championships twice and has over 90 titles to his credit. After the excitement of the black belts, the event drew to an end and all that was left was for the four matted areas to be packed away and a strange phenomenon occurred - the number of eager volunteers rapidly decreased to almost zero! Undeterred, Peter and a few others dug in and whipped the mats away in record time and at midnight I was back in my hotel, sipping an ice cold beer with Marcelo Yogui and others from GB Norway, before heading out to town. Sunday morning saw the clocks go back and an extra hour in bed was welcomed before heading back to Copenhagen airport, after final farewells to all the BJJ`ers at the hotel. Peter Blackwell and his back room support staff managed to pull off a record breaking competition and still managed to look calm and collected throughout the day and still had the energy to attend the seminars with Leozinho the day after the event. If anyone in the UK or Europe want to test their skills on a higher level, than this event is one the best testing grounds; no matter what weight or belt bracket, you`ll be guaranteed a tough test of your skills in a friendly atmosphere, as well as making new friends throughout the day. Don`t take my word, check it out for yourself next year; it`s only a two hour plane ride from the UK, hell you can`t get from Manchester to Birmingham in less than that! See you on the mats! Big thanks to Peter Blackwell for his help and generosity and for making the trip one to remember; respect to Bobby Sundell (you da man!), Marcelo Yogui, Leozinho, Tony Larsson, Pilo S and everyone else I met over the weekend. Results - 55 Female White 1. Therese Ravik, Kaisho 2. Anny Hammarsten, SBJJA Norrkoing 3. Linda Lindstro Stockholm City JJK + 55 Female White 1. Ella Rudfeldt, Hilti BJJ 2. Arnela Hadzisulejmanovic, Kaisho 3. Sofia Roos, Kaisho Open Class Female White 1. Therese Raik, Kaisho 2. Linda Lindstro, Stockholm City JJK 3. Riika Saarinen, Turun Alliance Finland Open Class Female Blue/Purple/Brown/Black 1. Devi Ahuja, Gracie Barra Norway 2. Camilla Gjelsten, Gracie Barra Norway 3. Iina Lepisto Turun Alliance Finland -61 White Adult 1. David Engstedt, Team Yamasaki 2. Jens Andersson, Brasa Malmo 3. Pooriya Rami, Team Yamasaki 3. Paulo Sandsten, Team Yamasaki -67 White Adult 1. Ola Pettersson, Team Yamasaki 2. Jens Andersson, Brasa Malmo 3. Jesper Nielsen, Choke BJJ DK -73 White Adult 1. Mattias Hedblom, SBJJA Orebro 2. Kristian Hacklou, Brasa Halmstad 3. Omid Azad, Wasa BJJ -79 White Adult 1. Irakli Kurashulli, Brasa Sodertalje 2. Kim Andersson, Hilti Ystad 3. Henrik Johansson, Kaisho -85 White Adult 1. Jonny Larsson, Kaisho 2. Anders Bojegren, Gracie Barra Norway 3. Tobias Hoot, Brasa Halmstad -91 White Adult 1. Renee Nielsen, Choke BJJ DK 2. Daniel Haglind, Brasa Halmstad 3. Mats Nilsson, Kaisho -97 White Adult 1. Tomas Heldal, Hilti Ystad 2. Martin Persson, Hilti Ystad 3. Robert Tomingas, Hilti Hanko +97 White Adult 1. Trey Hooper, Brasa Copenhagen 2. Per Stenquist, Hilti Uppsala 3. Andreas Laagard, Gracie Barra Norway -61 White Master 1. Johannes Bjursell, Brasa Sodertalje -73 White Master 1. Frank Peters, Brasa Malmo 2. Lars Sand, Hilti Uppsala 3. Peter Granqvist, Brasa Sodertalje -79 White Master 1. Fredrik Persson, Brasa Malmo 2. Kharim Lekdal, Gracie Barra Norway 3. Kenth Frulla, SBJJA Orebro -85 White Master 1. Martin Larsen, Brasa Copenhagen 2. Mike Wall, Kaisho 3. Rune Brinckmeyer, Brasa Copenhagen -91 White Master 1. Mikael Green, Skovde BJJ 2. Alex Landoni, Hilti Ystad 3. Philip Pilavachi, CHOKE BJJ DK -97 White Master 1. A-T Heinriche, Gracie Barra Norway -97 White Master 1. Patrik Pelosio, Nacka SJJ 2. Frode Saga, Gracie Barra Norway 3. Mikael Ohlsson, Nacka SJJ Blue Belt -61 Blue Adult 1. Arment Ajredini, Brasa Malmo -67 Blue Adult 1. Julian Nguyen, Brasa Copenhagen 2. Arment Ajredini, Brasa Malmo 3. David Edstrom, Wasa BJJ -73 Blue Adult 1. Michael Pedersen, CHOKE BJJ DK 2. Peter Berglund, Gracie Barra Sweden 3. Demis de Oliveira, Wasa BJJ -79 Blue Adult 1. Tony Bjorkman, Hilti Hanko 2. Juha Röppänen, Turun Alliance Finland 3. Martin Johansson, Brasa Lund -85 Blue Adult 1. Ricard Carneborn, Nacka SJJ 2. Piotr Jakaczynski, Hilti BJJ 3. Anas Salah, Brasa Gotland -91 Blue Adult 1. Johan Jorup, Kampsportcentret BJJ 2. Peter Bohm, Kampsportcentret BJJ 3. Andreas Funevik, Brasa Uddevalla -97 Blue Adult 1. Arne Thomas Heinriche, Gracie Barra Norway +97 Blue Adult 1. Samu Tuhkasaari, Kushin-Kan Ry 2. Mats Karlmark, Hilti BJJ -73 Blue Master 1. Anders Karlsson, Brasa Vaxjo 2. Torben Solensen, Brasa Copenhagen 3. -79 Blue Master 1. Per Olsson, Hilti BJJ 2. Joachim Bielecki, Brasa Malmo 3. Damir Brljevic, Brasa Malmo -85 Blue Master 1. Peder Loing, Brasa Malmo 2. Nic Osei, Brasa Copenhagen 3. Martin Sundstrom, Hilti BJJ -91 Blue Master 1. Jonny Larsson, Hilti BJJ +97 Blue Master 1. Markus Masip, SBJJA Stockholm 2. Urban Ekman, Brasa Sodertalje Open Blue (Mixed Adult/Master) 1. Johan Jorup, Kampsportscentret BJJ 2. Jonny Larsson, Hilti BJJ 3. Piotr Jakaczynski, Hilti BJJ -73 Purple Adult 1. Christopher J. Hermanstad, Gracie Barra Norway 2. Pilo Stylin, Team Yamasaki 3. David Lejenas Hilti BJJ -79 Purple Adult 1. Mikael Kretz, Brasa Lund -91 Purple Adult 1. Arben Latifi, Brasa Malmo 2. John Andric, Team Leo Neves 3. Altan Celik, Hilti BJJ -97 Purple Adult 1. Mikael Grothe, Hilti BJJ -73 Purple Master 1. Gunnar Blomkivst, Brasa Uddevalla -79 Purple Master 1. Tony Larsson, Brasa Uddevalla -97 Purple Master 1. Ake Olsson, Hilti +97 Purple Master 1. Rickard Flodfeld Hilti Ystad Open Purple (Mixed Adult/Master) 1. Arben Latifi, Brasa Malmo 2. John Andric, Team Leo Neves 3. Rickard Flodfeld, Hilti Ystad Black/Brown Belt -79 Adult 1. Iran Mascarenahas, Mikenta Gym Danmark 2. Leonardo Neves, Team Leo Neves Black/Brown Open Class 1. Robert Drysdale, Brasa Sao Paulo 2. Leonardo Neves, Team Leo Neves Best team (Gold 9pt, Silver 3pt, Bronze 1pt) 1. Brasa 178 pt 2. Hilti 98 pt 3. Gracie Barra 64 pt

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