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Shoot Brazil 3: Welcome to Hell

    Sun, 2004-09-05 22:32 — OntheMat

    SHOOTO Brazil 3 "Welcome To Hell" Place: Tio Sam Gymnasium in Niteroi - Rio de Janeiro Date: November 23th

    SHOOTO Brazil 3 "Welcome To Hell" Place: Tio Sam Gymnasium in Niteroi - Rio de Janeiro Date: November 23th This is time for SHOOTO Brazil !! This was the spirit that the fighters added in the ring of last SHOOTO Brazil. The SHOOTO Brazil promoters got to manage ten exciting Professional battles plus two Amateur Brazilian titles matches, plus an international - Brazil versus Germany - SHOOTO Grappling challenge. The SHOOTO Grappling is not used in Japan anymore, however the promoter Toniko Junior brought it to Brazil to provide an international challenge between those who are not ready to trade punches and kicks yet. This challenge had 4 fights and Pequeno's brother, Leonardo Nogueira, fought in one of them against Frederick Steps. Leonardo started off very good with a double leg takedown, but fighting against an opponent 13kg heavier, he was not able to keep the pace and lost his fight by points after Frederick got the mount in the last minute of the fight. Another good fight was between the phenomenal Luta-Livre fighter, Vitor Hugo against the ADCC2001 veteran Andreas Schmidt. Hugo body-slammed Schmidt exactly 7 times to win. This put the score on this international challenge equal, 2-2. When the Amateur fights started, some fans who were on the crowd and still are not used with head and legs protector asked themselves, "what is that?" It is hard to explain the fight is Amateur and that the strikes are not allowed on the ground, but when Danielo Otero (Fabricio JJ) and Wellington Silva (Brazil Top Fight) started their battle the fans forgot the protectors and the rules and only saw the action. From the beginning Silva showed his better boxing and with a good sequence of crosses and straights; he put Otero on the canvas several times. Otero would get points for bringing it to the ground, but did so timidly by pulling guard.. But it was not enough to get a victory, because Silva wanted to fight on the feet and not to pull to the guard like Otero did. So when the fight was on the ground, Silva committed the mistake that cost his victory, an illegal punch on the face that immediately was punished by the referee with a negative point. After that Silva seemed to be a bit nervous to not commit more any mistakes, but it let his game get too much cautious and in any case Otero only wanted to fight on the ground. Otero's ground points dictated the final result was a victory to Otero via decision. With this victory, Otero captured the bantamweight Brazilian Amateur SHOOTO belt. The second fight Am was the championship battle for the featherweight belt. This would be a classical clash of Grappler x Striker. Where William "Parrudinho" (Milton Vieira) woud test his takedowns and ground game against the 5x World Kickboxing champion by WAKO, André Roubert (WFC). "Parrudinho" was visibly without a good strategy to take Roubert down; while Roubert wanted to keep the fight on the feet to land his repertoire of kicks, punches and knees. A lot of times "Parrudinho" would shooting takedowns and Roubert would sprawl them perfectly. When "Parrudinho" took Roubert down, he did not get to press the action and the referee put them on the feet again. So Parrudinho's drama started, because Roubert threw punches and kicks and good knees on the head that made "Parrudinho" dizzy and only fight to survive the rest of the match. After two rounds a unanimous decision in Roubert's favor so he becomes the featherweight SHOOTO Brazil Am champion. PROFESSIONAL SHOOTO CLASS B MATCHES 2x5 ROUNDS MINUTES: -70kg [Welterweight]: XANDINHO (Ze Marcello/WFC) defeated Roberto "Robocop" (Marco Team) by decision: XANDINHO came to take off the stigma of not being a prepared fighter for SHOOTO, while "Robocop" seemed to be stronger than XANDINHO, but inside SHOOTO he did not have any experience. "Robocop" is known as a good kickboxer and XANDINHO knew that, so XANDINHO tried to take "Robocop" down quickly, but it did not work. XANDINHO then changed his tactic to trade dangerous blows on the feet against "Robocop" who had a better notion of distance, but he did not get right on XANDINHO's face who got right some crosses punches. XANDINHO once again tried a shoot a takedown on "Robocop", but "Robocop" sprawled and XANDINHO was forced to pull to the guard. "Robocop" got the half-guard of XANDINHO, but he did not to land efficient punches. So he stood up and walked back, calling XANDINHO to fight on the feet, XANDINHO refused and when "Robocop" walked in to XANDINHO's guard to land strikes, he ate a kick on the face and another to the stomach as the bell of round 1 sounded. The second round came with a gassed "Robocop" trying to impose his pace, while XANDINHO was waiting for the better moment to attack. This happened when an unpretentious low-kick landed by "Robocop" left an opening for a beautiful double-leg of XANDINHO. On the ground XANDINHO did not delay to pass the guard, to put the knee on the stomach and to start a flurry of punches on the Robocop's face, who after absorbing this punishment managed to restore the guard. Both guys were a bit tired and the kept themselves without much action until the final bell sounded with the unanimous victory went to XANDINHO. [Lightheavyweight]: Thalles Leite (Nova União) def. Felipe "Mongo" (RFT) by arm-triangle in R2. This was not a mismatch, but Thalles Leite dominated all action against "Mongo". The lighter of the two, "Mongo", had only a chance on his feet he tried to keep the fight there, but Leite imposed his game with a clinch and a war to put "Mongo" with his back on the mat. "Mongo" made a great effort however and while Leite was trying to take him down, "Mongo" punched the Leite's face and body. It did not hurt Leite, and after he was finally able to put "Mongo" on the mat he started his arsenal of good moves. "Mongo" still got to reverse Leite on the ground, but did not control as Leite, with long legs and being a specialist in sweeps, reversed again. This was the tonic of two rounds, Leite wanting fighting on the ground and "Mongo" looking for a lucky punch. Better luck for Thalles in the second round however, that after taking "Mongo" down and getting the mount easily, he finished the match with an arm-triangle. -76kg [Middleweight]: Gustavo "Careca" (Eugenio Tadeu) def. Paulo Boiko (BTT) by split decision Two brawlers, this is what "Careca" and Boiko are. They closed the distance quickly and exchanged straight and cross punches, no advantage for either of them. But then "Careca" started to impress the judges when took Boiko down. They did not keep on the ground long however, and started more exchange of blows on the feet. "Careca" opened a cut under Boiko's right-eye. "Careca" did not have much technique on the trade of blows with Boiko, but his heart overshot the technique and he was better on first round. Boiko opened the second round with some knees on the Careca's head who was already showing some signals of fatigue. They exchange more blows on the feet again and the fight wen to the ground with Boiko on the top pounding "Careca" until the end of round 2. "Careca" got an split decision -91kg [Cruiserweight]: Andre "Marola" Cândido (Nova Uniao) def. Tiago "Marreta" (WFC) by unanimous decision When "Marola" and "Marreta" arrived on their respective corners, everyone who was at SHOOTO Brazil said: -"Marola" will be beat very bad by Marreta". However this did not happen. "Marreta" was coming from a TKO in SHOOTO Brazil 2 over Hollof and had his hand heavy like a hammer, while "Marola" never had stood in a ring to fight MMA. In spite of this, when the fight started the opposite of what everyone was thinking it happened. Of course this was not a very easy fight, because "Marola" ate some jabs on the face and got to land some good strikes on Marretas face, but when he imposed his game - clinch and ground game - he schooled a frustrated "Marreta" who did not know what to do. During two rounds the story was repeated, with "Marreta" landing some jabs, and "Marola" taking him down and pounding him on the head and body. Final of two rounds and a surprising via unanimous decision to "Marola" -70kg [Welterweight]: Danilo Sherman (Nova Uniao) def. Ricardo Nogueira (BTT) by reverse-triangle in R2 Sherman is the main pupil of Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro and he did not disappoint his master. Nogueira already had two MMA fights, but when the fight started this was not enough to contain the better game of Sherman. Nogueira only had one good moment during the fight when he applied a inverted-triangle in Sherman early in round 1. After that, we could to see a real class of how to fight SHOOTO. Sherman pounded on the feet, took Nogueira down, mounted, tried armlock and arm-triangles, shoulder-locks and pounded Nogueira who survived like a warrior in R1. Early in round 2 a desperate Nogueira was a easy prey for Sherman who once again imposed his game on the ground and submitted Noigueira with a inverted-triangle. -60kg [Featherweight]: Hudson Rocha (BTT) def. Aritano Barbosa (RFT) by guillotine choke in R1 at "38 sec. Nobody expected a very fast fight between these to fighters. Almost no action on the feet when Barbosa shoot a double-leg, Hudson tried to sprawl, but it was very deep, and he took advantage of Barbosa`s will at to pull to the guard with a guillotine choke. After several seconds, Barbosa slept and Hudson was the winner of a fight of 38 seconds. -76kg [Middleweight]: Luis "Besouro" Jr. (RFT/Brazil Top Fight) def. Iran Mascarenhas (Nova Uniao) by unanimous decision "Besouro" did not falter at any time against Iran Mascarenhas, who already has professional SHOOTO Japan experience. "Besouro" did not matter with what Mascarenhas had shown in the ring. "Besouro" showed a solid game on the feet and did not attempt to take his opponent down several times such as he made in last SHOOTO Brazil. Meanwhile, Mascarenhas did not have any good chance son the two rounds of fight. When the fight went to the ground "Besouro" was always on the top, working a smart game and did not give any opportunity to Mascarenhas who was lost. The second round came with Mascaren has charging on "Besouro" who innovated with some flying-knees and punches on the face. These punches really left Mascarenhas dizzy and if "Besouro" had pressed the action while Mascarenhas was dizzy, we would see a KO on this fight, but "Besouro" did not and added more one unanimous decision in his 2-0 SHOOTO record -65kg [Lightweight]: Fabio Mello (BTT) def. Luciano Azevedo (RFT) by split decision The best fight of the night where the judges had a lot of trouble to point the winner. Both fighters looked for the finish from the beginning until the final of R2. Mello started with a kick on the Azevedo's ribs and when they started the exchange of strikes on the feet, Mello took Azevedo down and ground'n'pound him. But in the first opportunity of escaping, Azevedo came back to the feet and showed good boxing skills at to land crosses and straights strikes on Mello. The crowd was enjoying this fight a lot because both fighters were giving a show. Mello got the first round in his favor due to a better takedowns and good kicks on the legs. When the second round began, Mello seemed to want to annihilate Azevedo as quickly as possible with a cross-strike that got right on Azevedo followed by a double-leg. From there, Mello tried to strike the Azevedo's face, but Azevedo was slippery and knew he needed to try a KO or a submission, so he escaped once again from the bottom and started a very, very exciting trade of strikes. Azevedo got a deep cut on the Mello's eye, but Mello got a knockdown that made Azevedo sit down on the mat and to try to defend himself, to comeback to their feet again. Azevedo also made Mello's nose bleed, but with that knock down on the second round in Mello's favor, the split decision was to the Brazilian Top Team member, Fabio Mello. We hope to see Mello testing his skills in SHOOTO Japan soon. -110kg [Heavyweight]: Walter "Aba" Faria (WFC) def. Rodrigo "Riscado" Gripp (Campos JJ) by TKO ("Riscado" did not answer the R2 bell) This was a one sided fight, and when the referee said fight! "Aba" came like a Mammoth and run over "Riscado" that only tried to defend himself from the avalanche of punches that Aba landed. They tangled a bit on the ropes and the fight went to the ground, where "Riscado" had his less-hard moment at to try a toe-hold on the left foot of "Aba". No problems for "Aba" who defended himself and started the massacre on the Riscado's face, who only put the two hands in front of his face to not let "Aba" hurts him a lot. The fight, still on the ground, walked to the neutral corner where "Aba" gave sequence on his punches, while "Riscado" seemed to be a fallen punch-bag. The bell sounded and this was a relief to "Riscado". But with more than twenty punches received on the face he did not have condition of coming back to the second round and "Aba" got finally his first MMA victory

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