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Smashing the Guard

    Fri, 2006-04-28 11:12 — Gumby

    Cameron Earle Seminar
    Sunday, May 7 12 Noon
    2572 3rd Street, SF CA
    Only $40!

    Video Friday is back again, and this time we have a great technique for you courtesy of the upcoming Cameron Earle DVD Smashing the Guard.

    Cameron should be very familiar to OTM readers, as he is a multiple time BJJ champion and was the 2005 North American Abu Dhabi qualifier earning outstanding competitor for submitting all of his opponents! Cameron is known for his exciting style of jiujitsu and always going for the tap. He is widely considered to be among the very top of American competitors. While Cameron has many weapons in his arsenal, his guard passing abilities are among the very best in the world.

    In this clip, Cameron shows one of his favorite guard passes the classic so called first day pass, here he explains the little details he does which makes his version so effective.

    (Yes, that is Gumby on the bottom getting his guard passed. Training with Cameron on a daily basis i can tell you he feels like a ton of bricks when he's on top.)

    Cameron Earle has announced his first seminar ever to be held at 3rd Street Boxing in San Francisco. This seminar will cover his favorite guard passes and will be NO-GI. There will also be Q & A so he can work with your came to make you a more effective finisher. The cost is just $40 for this seminar, an absolute bargain coming from one of the top American competitors to ever hit the scene.

    Cameron Earle Seminar
    Sunday, May 7 12 Noon
    2572 3rd Street, SF CA
    Only $40!

    To register visit or e-mail

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