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Super Challenge

    Wed, 2006-10-04 11:44 — Denis Martins

    10/07 Super Challenge: Has finally a premier
    association been created in Brazil?

    Has finally a premier association been created in
    Brazil? This is the question which strikes my head
    when I think about the Super Challenge event that will
    take place next Saturday in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Of
    course we - from Brazil - already tried to show an
    image of greatest associations with Show Fight and
    Jungle Fight. However the enough success was never
    reached by any of these two events due to, whether not curious, so easy of being seen… …lack of enough people prepared behind the scenes.

    Here in Brazil we already IVC and WVC, and if even
    they had reasonable cards and levels, the old school
    rules was a little catastrophic for any good propagation of both Association. Talking about JFC and Show Fight again, the mix of mismatches, weird information, plus self-centeredness took a little down the reputations of both. This is well-seen when the Super Challenge nor at least had its first edition, but with the card and the expectations did the fans and insiders to forget a little about the other two associations.

    The first step of Super Challenge - a West Promotion &
    Entertainment show - was the join a high-level staff,
    headed by B-Tough Fight management, which was more than ready to show what a Professional MMA event needs. The president of West Promotion & Entertainment, Paulo Vasconcelos, had a lot of cautions and sagacity to choose people who besides understand of the stuff, have capacity to manage a good job. The result of this is also an unpublished partnership with Pride FC, which's sending a referee(Oshiro Moritaka) and a person of his staff for the show in next Saturday 7th.

    The card is the primordial stuff of a fight event, and
    this one of Super Challenge is great, with
    well-rounded fighter battling three times in same
    night to reach more reputation and a never seen before money prize of 35 thousand reais.
    Teake a look on the card below and you'll identify
    fighters with experience in WEF, RINGS, KOTC, IVC,
    Shooto Japan, Pride Bushido, DEEP, MARS, Cage Rage,
    Pancrase and many others.

    The alternates are defined:

    Super Challenge
    Saturday, October 7 - 2006 in Gymnasium Jose Correa,
    Barueri, Sao Paulo

    Under 73kgs:

    Alternate: Rafael Manteiga (Never Shake) x Cicero
    Costa (Barbosa JJ)

    Bracket 1:
    Luciano Azevedo (RFT) x Luis "Beicao" Ramos (GBCT)
    Mauro Thimento (Never Shake) x Fabricio "Morango"
    Camoes (Gracie Humaita/Tijuca)

    Bracket 2:
    Jean Silva (Chute Boxe) x Leonardo Santos (Nova Uniao)

    Milton Vieira (BTT) x Johnny Eduardo (Boxe Thai)

    Under -83kg:

    Alternate: Flavio Alvaro (Macaco Gold Team) x Milton
    Bahia (Alvaro de Aguiar Team)

    Bracket 1:
    Alexandre "Cacareco" Ferreira (BTT) x Felipe "Mongo"
    Arinelli (Alexandre Pequeno)
    Carlos Baruch (Vitor Belfort) x Fabio "Negao"
    Nacimento (Lotus MMA)

    Bracket 2:
    Demian Maia (Brasa) x Katel Kubis (Nogushi Team)
    Leonardo Lucio "Chocolate" Nascimento (RFT) x Gustavo
    "Ximu" Machado (GBCT)

    Jorge "Macaco" Patino (Chute Boxe) x Roberto Godoy

    Ladies Match:
    Vanessa Porto (Iglesias Team) x Juliana Aguiar (Junior
    Aguiar Team)

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