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Texas jiu-jitsu scene

    Fri, 2010-09-03 08:44 — georgetteoden

    Hey all!  I'm excited to begin covering some of the jiu-jitsu events occuring here in Texas.
    Later this month, I'll be blogging about the next womens' open mat hosted by Girls in Gis-- it will be in Baytown Texas at Elite MMA.  Sunday, September 19, from noon to 3.  Go on facebook and join the group "Girls in Gis" for more information.
    That will be a hot weekend in Houston for sure, as Tracey Goodell, phenom from Team Lloyd Irvin, will be out that way as well.  Tracey was rocking the world as a blue belt this year, storming through tournaments in the lightweight and absolute divisions and usually double-golding.  She was promoted to purple in time to double gold lightweight and absolute at Mundials, and then was promoted to brown belt.  From blue to brown in 30 days!
    This weekend is a busy one in Austin.  September 4th is the Grapple America tournament at the Austin Sports Center... lots of the divisions will be live webcast too!
    Austin Sports Center
    425 Woodward
    Austin, TX 78704
    Also this weekend in Austin, the Mega Throwdown hosted by  It's pretty much a sparring session for martial artists from all over the US regardless of style or discipline-- but usually devolves into some standup people and some grappling people.  Saturday from 12-4 we'll be at Tao of Texas in Austin, with dinner after at Korea House. Sunday we'll head up to San Marcos for more open mat, then some tubing down the river.  Expect some interviews, pictures and more coverage from me next week.
    September 18 is a big tournament day-- in Ft. Worth there's NAGA, and in Austin there's the Texas Open Jiu Jitsu Championship, hosted by Fight to Win.  More information available at:
    October is going to be CRAZY!  Seminars by Cobrinha in Austin, Luanna Alzuguir and Gabi Garcia in Dallas, the Atama Open in Houston (not to mention the US Open in Santa Cruz CA)... busy busy busy!
    Roll on, train hard..
    Georgette Oden
    Relson Gracie Austin


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    Look forward to hearing about

    Look forward to hearing about whats going on in Texas!

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    Look forward to hearing about whats going on in Texas!  I havent been out there in a while.  i know the sceene has been growing like crazy!!

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