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Tony Desouza post UFN 7 Interview

    Thu, 2006-10-26 10:28 — Denis Martins


    Denis Martins: What did you know about your opponent (Dustin Hazellete) and what did you expect from him inside the octagon?

    Tony DeSouza: I knew he had a good jab and straight, he had no wrestling defense and his triangle is above normal.

    DM: Were you surprised by that triangle attempt from him?

    Tony DeSouza: I did not expect it from the side he did it on so I postured with the wrong base, people usually triangle you to your right arm. I knew he was not that strong on that side since he is right handed so I decided to pass instead of posture. It was not the smartest thing to do since I almost passed out a couple of times, but my instinct saved me again.

    DM: Dustin had rocked Rhalan Gracie on the feet early this year. Did you expect him to try the same against you? The pace on the feet...

    Tony DeSouza: I knew he could not stop my takedown so I utilized the best game plan to win with the least damage to my self.

    DM: How can you describe of that fight for us?

    Tony DeSouza: He has very good hips and will do good with anybody because he has a fighters attitude, good luck to Dustin.

    DM: Forgetting a bit about the opponent and talking about the show. What did you think about the environment of those periods you fought with the UFC's nowadays?

    Tony Desouza: You see alot more people around now, but it made no change to me. I slept and relaxed well before my fight.

    DM: You were supposed to have a teammate (Thales Leites) fighting in same event taking Nathan Mardquardt. What's your opinion about this fight if it had happened?

    Tony DeSouza: I think it would have been a very interesting match up. I think Nathan has got more experience, and I see Thales with more control of the fight by athletic means and better ground technique.

    DM: Leites had visa problems and could not come to UFN 7. Do you think this is the main reason for the Brazilian not fighting in America?

    Tony DeSouza: It is very hard to get a visa into the United States whether you are an athlete or not.

    DM: What about you? You haven't fought in UFC since edition number #33. Was this a visa problem too, how did you manage this?

    Tony DeSouza: I lived 15 years illegally in the United States. I went back to Peru to do some soul searching and some answers on why I fight. Prior to this my papers had been processing since 1992, for me to become a resident since my father is US citizen. I got my papers four months ago and came back to train and live in Hawaii, to fight in the UFC.

    DM: Do you think that the kind of fans of UFC has now is different than the times you fought? Why?

    Tony DeSouza: The fans now know more of the game. So they can appreciate it in a different level and are able to understand that what you've done. This is two mixed martial artists testing each other.

    DM: Any idea of next fight and opponent? Anymore this year?

    Tony DeSouza: I should fight in December.

    DM: What about the fighters of your category. Who are the men to be beaten and is there anyone you'd like to clash against?

    Tony DeSouza: I want to fight Matt Hughes, whether he has the belt or not. It would be a great way for me to test my self.

    DM: Thanks for your time.

    Tony DeSouza: You're welcome

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