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Troy "Rude Boy" Mandaloniz party recap!

    Thu, 2007-10-18 22:14 — Bevois

    On Wednesday, October 17th in Las Vegas, Nevada friends and fighters alike gathered inside the 'Lucky Strike' bowling-themed night club inside the Rio Hotel and Casino to celebrate Troy "Rude Boy" Mandaloniz's debut fight on TUF 6.

    On Wednesday, October 17th in Las Vegas, Nevada friends and fighters alike gathered inside the 'Lucky Strike' bowling-themed night club inside the Rio Hotel and Casino to celebrate Troy "Rude Boy" Mandaloniz's debut on 'The Ultimate Fighter 6 – Team Serra vs. Team Hughes' MMA reality show on SpikeTV. Troy is a native of Hilo, Hawaii and a childhood friend of B.J. Penn. Troy is also a certified referee for the Penn's 'Rumble on the Rock' organization and teaches MMA full-time at Marc Laimon's Cobra Kai Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada. Everyone packed in around 9 p.m. with the festivities kicking off at 10 p.m. with the airing of episode 5 of TUF 6, which featured 16 welterweight fighters coach by Matt Serra and Matt Hughes.

    The episode focused on some tension between Mac Danzig and Blake Bowman stemming from comments Blake made about Andy Wang (Danzig's close friend) during Wang's KO loss to Matt Wiman. Later, Paul Georgieff of Team Hughes received word that his cousin had died and that he would have to fight next in order to attend his cousin's wake back home in Wisconsin. Matt Hughes decided to pair Georgieff up with Rude Boy, which prompted Matt Serra to go off on what a mistake that was going to be. Serra mentioned the fact, that the longer the fight went and the more violent it got, that the fight would only be more and more in the favor of Rude Boy... and boy, was he ever right.

    Rude Boy wasted no time as the fight started by dumping Georgieff on his back, where Georgieff tried to work for a Kimura from his guard. Rude Boy would have none of it and unloaded a big right hand from inside Georgieff's guard. Rude Boy then followed Serra's instructions by backing out of the guard and standing up. From there, Rude Boy landed a sweet combo on Georgieff, before following up by unloading some sweet chin music that put Georgieff down for the count via viscious KO! Rude Boy naturally celebrated with some Hilo style and returned to his corner victorious!

    Meanwhile, back at 'Lucky Strike', the club erupted as soon as Rude Boy's right hand connected with Georgieff's chin. It was a highlight reel KO that dropped Georgieff like a ton of bricks! Georgieff even admitted afterward, that he had never been KO'd and never saw the punch coming. Rude Boy has some serious dynamite in his hands! Some of the guests at the special TUF viewing party, included some of the following: TUF 3 winner Kendall Grove, Kendall's TUF 3 'Team Dagger' buddy Solomon Hutcherson, TUF 5 standout Gray Maynard, IFL standout Chris Horodecki, the IFL's L.A. Anacondas coach Shawn Tomkins, Marc Laimon, Jeff Glover, Scott "Maverick" Bieri, Mark "Bombs Away" Bieri, Jason Townsend, Adrian Ramirez, Jason Carpenter, Eric "Big" Pele, T.J. Brown, myself, and of course Troy "Rude Boy" Manadaloniz.

    The bowling teams were then assembled and I found myself matched up on a team that included Jeff Glover, Chris Horodecki, Kui, Elena (damn good female boxer), and Christine (damn good female bowler). G-Lover ended up displaying a nasty top-spin style bowling game, which involved a brutal curve. It literally looked like he was shot-putting the ball half way down the lane before it hit the ground! It would then hug the side of the lane just over the gutter, before breaking across to level all the pins! His unorthodox style of bowling won him bragging rights as he edged out the rest of the pack!

    Tracy Lee and her crew at 'Napkin Nights' were on hand to capture the party and all of the night's action. She is hands down the "Queen of MMA Photography" and you can see all of her work from last night at ( ). The night was fun with a ton of hotties on hand, along with all the fighters... and what could be more fun than having fighters and hotties bowl in an all out drunken revelry!?!

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