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Two Brand New DVDs in in Stock!

    Mon, 2005-02-14 21:58 — OntheMat

    At last! OntheMat is proud to bring you these two great videos! Check back at our Online Store for these and lots more to come!

    Two new videos at OntheMat!

    The Golden Cup is hosted by the CBJJO . The first edition occurred in Rio in april of 2004 and attracted some of the top names in BJJ today.

    Brown Belt

    Eduardo Pessoa vs Andre Freitas
    Andre Galvao vs Fabio Alves

    Black Belt

    Bernardo Pitel vs Rodrigo Ranieri
    Alexandre Riberio vs Lenio "Montanha"
    Thales Leites vs Denis Gomes
    Paulo Strickert vs Leonardo Pecanha
    Alexandre Riberio vs Eduardo Telles
    Denis Gomes vs Leonardo Pecanha
    Bruno Bastos vs Eduardo Telles
    Jacare vs Gustavo Guimaraes
    Fernando Terere vs Eduardo Rios
    Fernando Terere vs Jose Roberto
    Jacare vs Thales Leites
    Marcelino Freitas vs Reinaldo Riberio
    Fernando Terere vs Bruno Procenca

    Black Belt Absolute Finals

    Alexandre Riberio vs Denis Gomes

    This DVD is is shot and edited by the legendary Paqueta and is 1hour and 20 minutes of some of the best BJJ tournament action you`ve ever seen!

    The World Grappling Games is one of the premier tournament circuits in the United States. Nased out of Los Angeles, California, the 4th American International Championships attracted some of the best talent and proved to be a memorable event.

    OntheMat is proud to finally release all the footage we have of the event on this double sided DVD!

    Side 1 Gi

    Mike Fowler vs Alfredo Barum
    Max Masuzana vs Isamu Horiuchi
    Johnny Orozco vs Ulysses Gomez
    Allison Padilla vs Jeanette Protocopio
    Kim Marguart vs Ica Medina
    Bill Messick vs Pat Anastacio
    Martin Sanchez vs Jimmy Jalupuzzi
    Alberto Crane vs Kenny Bond
    David Dunn vs Nick Stefan
    Ryron Gracie vs Cassio Werneck
    Rafael Lovato Jr. vs Nick Stefan
    Ryron Gracie vs Waler Nakagawa
    Ralek Gracie vs Matt Baker
    Mike Fowler vs Dion Watts
    Ralek Gracie vs Isamu Horiachi
    Mike Fowler vs Alfredo Barum
    Isamu Horiuchi vs Alfredo Barum
    Mike Fowler vs Ralek Gracie

    Side 2 Submission Grappling

    Leka Viera vs Rebecca Fabar
    Leonor Avellan vs Cindy Magdaleno
    Cindy Magdaleno vs Rebecca Fabar
    Leonor Avellan vs Leka Viera
    Brian Cimins vs Ryan Parker
    Brian Cimins vs Jared Rollins
    Vanesa Griffith vs Allison Padilla
    Scott Nelson vs Kenny Bond
    Joe Camacho vs Kenny Bond
    Erik Apple vs Cameron Steele
    Erik Apple vs Jeremy Gladu
    Floyd Marshbanks vs Turi Altavilla
    Nam Phan vs Mike Bland
    Cade Nelson vs Mark Lehner
    Ulysses Gomez vs Isamu Horiuchi
    Rafael Lovato Jr. vs Illiams Goglia
    Shane Rice vs Scott Epstein

    This Double Sided DVD was shot and edited by the OntheMat Crew and clocks in at nearly three hours of footage!

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