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UMAC Charter Membership/Renewal

    Mon, 2005-05-23 12:45 — Michael Pejsach

    Dear Friends,
    I am sending you this e-mail to invite you to join the Universal Martial Arts Congress (UMAC). Formally under the direction of Grand Master John Suarez, Coco Beach, Florida, the new home for UMAC will be here in the New Orleans area (5000 W. Esplanade, #206, Metairie, LA 70006). Please respond to this e-mail with either a "Yes, I'm interested," or, "No, thanks." We need a response as we are ordering uniforms and equipment for our "UMAC Co-op," and need to know what uniforms (weight and color), sparring equipment and weapons, you will need in the coming months.

    The purpose of UMAC is to help Martial Arts Businesses grow within a non-political brotherhood of Martial Artists. There will be no politics, or "my martial arts is better than yours." Any martial art is welcome. Black belts with 10 or more students are invited to join. Our philosophy is this: Martial Arts is good for the community, any community; as we grow and advance schools everywhere, even in our own neighborhood, we will improve our world.

    Besides school certifications, we will be offering, via our board (that includes 3, 9th Degree Black Belts), black belt advancement, and color belt advancement certification Here are the THREE LEVELS of Membership:

    Universal Membership
    1. Custom Made Certificate with UMAC logo & your own logo signed by Board Members.
    2. Recognition among professional organizations.
    4. Discounts on merchandise (Uniforms, Belts, Sparring Gear, Etc.)
    5. Dojo Listings
    6. Convention/ Workshops
    7. Free Networking/Information sharing
    8. Competitions Orchestrated in your area
    9. Elite Founding Chapters for a 1st Annual fee of $100.00 all other annual fees are $75.00
    (Special school founding chapter certificate.)
    10. Quarterly Newsletter receives - School Charter Membership Networking & Affiliation
    Membership to other groups & clubs
    11. Blue Ribbon tuition billing corporation Educational Funding Company

    Galaxy Membership
    1. School Charter
    2. Recognition among professional organizations
    3. Discounts on Merchandise
    4. Dojo Listing
    5. Convention Workshops
    6. Membership to other groups and clubs
    7. Blue Ribbon tuition billing corporation: Educational Funding Company
    8. Marketing Materials

    Solar Membership
    1. School Charter
    2. Recognition among professional organizations
    3. Dojo Listing
    4. Convention Workshops
    5. Blue Ribbon tuition billing corporation: Educational Funding Company
    6. Marketing Materials

    If you are interested in joining a professional organization that can help your business grow, let me know. Please reply with your name, name of school, street address, land phone line and cell phone numbers, and I will send you an application. Membership starts at $15 for students, $100 for Black Belt School Owners with 10 or more students.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Michael Pejsach
    500 W. Esplanade Avenue, #206
    Metairie, LA 70006
    (504) 885-4254

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