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Upcoming BJJ & Grappling Events in AZ

    Sat, 2010-09-04 21:04 — thejaguarmma

    Its that time agian to see who the Best BJJ & Grappling Practitioners are here in the Valley Of The Sun. I'll be covering 2 upcoming local events.
    AZ Desert Challenge

    • Date: Saturday, September 18th
    • Time: Weigh-ins at 10:00am, Tournament starts at noon.
    • Price: Registration Fee of $25, which allows you to compete in both divisions (gi and no gi), $5 spectator fee.
    • Location: Cortez High School
    •              8828 North 31st Avenue
    •              Phoenix, AZ 85051-3999
    Desert Quest Championships

    • Date: Saturday, October 2nd
    • Time: Weigh-ins at 9:00am - 12:00pm, Tournament starts at 1:00pm.
    • Price: Adults Competitors entry fee:  $30.00 for one division or $40.00 for both division 
    • Kids and teens Competitors entry fee:  $20.00 for one division for both $25.00
    • Location: Broadway Recreational Center
    •              59 E. Broadway Rd
    •              Mesa, AZ


    thejaguarmma's picture

    Had a terrible experience from Gustavo Dantes tournaments

    When I started BJJ a series of unfortunate events happend twice when I tried competing in my teens divisions at his events.
    The 1st time when we were driving to the event which was about 2 hours away. We were stopped by 2 car accidents on the way. It was dissapointing not being able to compete in my division. I had dominated the Desert Quest Teen's GI Division and was wanting to go for an AZ State title at Gustavo Dantes event. I was late and asked for a refund and I did not get it. So I had no choice but to compete with the adults and ended up losing.
    The 2nd time to prevent us being late we left 2 hours earlier. AZ's traffic was unforgiving that time and their ended up being a detour which made me even more late. Again there was no refund and guess what I got stuck with the adults again.
    That was 5 years ago at age 16. Now I have aquired phenomenal skills in both GI and No-GI and I plan on going to the ADCC World Trials coming up and winning.
    The thing I use as fuel is that the events I did not go to the same teen walked away with my gold medals and to make things worse he won the pan ams that year too. If we ever cross paths in a competition it will be an amazing match.

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    AZ is Blowing up!

     Gustavo Dantes does some great events in AZ too. 

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