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US Armed Forces Pankration Touranment

    Fri, 2008-04-18 09:09 — Jon Frank

    2008 U.S. Armed Forces Pankration Invitational
    17 May 2008
    52 Area Fitness Center
    Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California

    General Information:
    - This Tournament is open to all Active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces.
    - Reservists who are assigned to a drilling unit may also participate.
    - Licensed Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighters are prohibited from entering.
    - Tournament is hosted and promoted by MCCS, Camp Pendleton and sponsored by The Compound MMA.

    - Two Skill Levels - Beginner (one year or less Martial Arts training) and Open (Over one year Martial Arts training)
    - Weight Classes - 130 lbs; -140 lbs; -150 lbs; -160 lbs; - 175 lbs; - 190 lbs; - 205 lbs; - 230 lbs & over 230 lbs.
    - There are no Women’s divisions at this time. Please contact us if you are a Female and wish to compete.
    - All divisions are double elimination with a consolation bracket to determine 3rd place.

    Mandatory Equipment:
    - Athletes must compete with MMA Style Gloves, a mouthpiece and Cup.
    MMA Style gloves will be provided to athletes without their own.
    -Other protective gear is optional: Elbow pads, Knee pads, Shin/ Shin & Instep guards, Wrestling Head Gear, Wrestling/ Martial Arts Shoes.
    -MMA Fight Shorts with Rash guard are the recommended uniform.
    -Athletes may also compete in Traditional Martial Arts attire, shorts or sweats without open pockets or metal, tight fitting T-Shirt or Wrestling singlet.

    Tournament Information:
    -All Athletes and Coaches must know and understand the rules of the tournament. A rules demo will be conducted the morning of the Tournament.
    -Competitors may have a maximum of two coaches mat side. Coaches must stay in the designated area on the mat.
    - Any violations may result in penalties against the fighter or removal from the tournament.
    -All disrespectful conduct to include that of coaches will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament. Disrespectful conduct includes arguing with referees and officials and/ or intentionally trying to injure your opponent.
    -All victorious competitors are required to sign their bout sheet after each match acknowledging the results are correct.
    - Beginners will compete in 3 minute matches. Open will compete in 5 minute matches.
    -See rules and regulations at

    - Each Division is limited to 8 competitors.
    - Competitors must make weight or be removed from the bracket.
    - All Competitors must pre-register. The first 8 to register for each bracket will get in.
    - A lottery for open spots will be conducted the day of the tournament for those who did not make the first 8 on the bracket. To enter the lottery you must be present at the weigh in area at 0900 hrs on 17 May.
    - There is no participation fee for this tournament.

    Weigh In: Weigh in will be conducted at the 52 Area Fitness Center. A Valid Military ID will be required at weigh in.

    Competitors have two options to weigh in.
    16 May, 1800 – 2000 hrs
    17 May, 0700 – 0830 hrs

    Rules Demo:
    A rules Demo will be conducted at 0930 hrs in the Competition area.
    Division start times will be posted at this time.

    Estimated Competition Times:
    Beginner Division: 1000 – 1400 hrs
    Open Division: 1400 – 1800 hrs

    Medals for top 3 finalists in each weight division.
    Trophy’s for top 3 Open Division Teams.

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