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U.S. Open News Flash

    Wed, 2005-08-03 06:46 — Claudio Franca

    U.S. Open News Flash 8-02-05

    • The official U.S. Open X web page is now up. Go here,, to get all the info you need for our Tenth Anniversary Tournament, including travel, hotel and registration information.

    • To help you get psyched up for the show, Kimberly Souza has put together some wonderful Adobe slideshows from past U.S. Opens for you. Warning! These are large files, so viewing them is only recommended for those of you with high-speed connections. slideshow.pdf

    • We will be awarding medals for first, second and TWO thirds; and the medals look SWEET!

    • Don't miss the three fantastic seminars associated with the U.S. Open. On Sunday, October 16th, Professor Alvaro Mansor will conduct a Rules and Referees Seminar. Knowing the intricacies of the rules benefits competitors as they are better able to understand the game. Thursday, October 20th and Tuesday October 25th, Master Francisco Mansor, 9th Degree Red Belt, will offer his more than 40-years of wisdom and experience. Don't miss it! Finally, Friday October 21st, 4-time Pan-American Champion Luka Tavares will conduct a Women Only Seminar--female U.S. Open competitors attend for free! For more info click here:

    • CALL TO BROWN AND BLACK BELT SCHOOLS--if you train at a school that has brown and black belt competitors that may be interested in our team challenge, please email us with your academies contact info (including mailing address), so that we can send them a personalized invitation to participate in the FIRST EVER IN THE UNITED STATES BROWN/BLACK BELT TEAM TOURNAMENT! The winning team receives a $3000.00 prize. Contact us at

    • See you at the U.S. Open X!

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