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Vintage BJJ

    Mon, 2004-09-06 18:13 — OntheMat

    This page is going to be dedicated to the old school footage.

    This page is going to be dedicated to the old school footage. So as we come across killer old matches we will be posting them here with a brief back ground on the fight and where it came from. If you have any old footage let us know and we can post it On the Mat for everyone to enjoy.

    NINO v Macaco
    Don't know when this took place but they were both still Brown Belts.

    Royler Gracie vs. Joe Moreria
    Don't know when this took place but it was a while ago.

    2000 Pan American Black Belt Champion fighting in the Mundail 1996. He took the whole thing that year. This was a little gift from Phat Dan!

    Murillo Bustamonte
    Back as a brown belt fighting in the Copa Lightening Bolt. We don't know what year this is.

    Rickson Gracie
    The man the myth and the legend. These two matches are rumored to be one of his last tournament he fought in Brazil. The Copa Lightning Bolt tournament. We don't know who either opponent is. This footage is circa 1986. He sure makes it look easy. Special thanks to Matt for the footage.

    Helio Gracie
    The Grandfather of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in his historic match with Japanese Super Star Judoka Kato the match was held in Ibirapuera Stadium in San Paulo, Brazil. This video is circa 1950ish. Special thanks to Don ( for the footage.

    Renzo Gracie
    One of today's top Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and No Holds Bared fighters in the world. It this match circa 1988. Renzo is still a Brown Belt in this Copa Lightning Bolt tournament. Special thanks to Ryan (BJJTriangle) for the footage.

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