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WEC Quick Results

    Fri, 2005-05-20 01:17 — Gumby

    WEC pulls off another great night of action and features some of the best match making action of world class talent and popular locals.

    Welterweight Fight (170)
    Jay Hieron vs Adam Lynn

    Jay Hieron wins a unanimous decision after 3 rounds which saw him take down Adam Lynn and pound away within the guard, but not do to great damage.

    Welterweight Fight (170)
    Raven Seymon vs Thomas Schulte

    Thomas Schulte wins via Triangle Choke early in the first round.

    Welterweight Fight (170)
    Toby Imada vs Cassio Werneck

    Cassio he triangle choked Toby in the second round. The first ground was a stand up battle. Impressive debut for the multiple time jiu jitsu and grappling champion Cassio, likely the most decorated grappler to enter the WEC.

    Light Heavyweight Fight (205)
    Justin Levens vs Tony Lopez

    Justin Levens wins over Tony Lopez with a beautiful Kimura to rear naked choke for the submission

    Light Heavyweight Fight (205)
    Miguel Cosio vs Josh 'Machine' Green

    Josh Green by Rear naked Choke less than forty seconds into the match. After the match Josh runs out of the ring and backstage, only to be escorted back by promoter Rex Harris himself :)

    Welterweight Fight (170)
    Anthony Gonzalez vs Steve Ramirez

    Crazy back and forth battle with both men looking close to victory, but in the end Ramirez won (It think, I lost my notes on this one)

    Middleweight Fight (185)
    Johnny Fabela vs Tony 'The Tribal Warrior' Alanis

    After lengthy entrance complete with full tribal dance, Tony Alanis knocks out Johnny Fabela in a match that had the crowd on its feet.

    Lightweight Fight (155)
    Paul 'Hands of Stone' Jenkins vs Richard 'Cleat' Crunkilton

    Crunkilton by KO in the second round.

    Heavyweight Fight (265)
    Carlos Garcia vs Lavar 'Big' Johnson

    Lavar Johnson knocks out Carlos Garcia early in the first round.

    Welterweight Fight (170)
    Chris 'Lights Out' Lytle vs Pat Healy

    Chris Lytle in a split decision over a game Pat Healy that many in the audience felt should have gone the other way.

    Middleweight Fight (185)
    Rob Kimmons vs Joe 'Diesel' Riggs

    Joe Riggs returns with authority ground and pounding Kimmons early in the first.

    WEC Native American World Championship Lightweight Fight (155)
    Cole 'Apache Kid' Escovedo vs Poppies 'Tachi Kid' Martinez

    In a great fight, Cole Escovedo defeats Poppies Martinez when Martinez could not continue after injuring his knee either after an Escovedo kick or takedown.

    :: WEC MAIN EVENT ::

    World Heavyweight Championship Fight (265)
    Doug "Rhino" Marshall vs James 'Sandman' Irvin

    James Irvin knocks Doug Marshall out in the second round with a knee to the face.

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