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We're Casting (Insider Track... keeping it in the family)

    Thu, 2005-07-28 09:12 — OntheMat

    Hello Everyone,

    The new studio is just waiting for a fresh coat of paint and a few more walls! Yep, it's in LA. Yep, we've got some awesome people on board. It's a revival of the old crew. (X Games, World Renowed Film/DV Crew, shhhhh.... I say).

    This Casting Call is for a bit of Madness we once shot a demo for years ago. We still love it, is behind it, and the preproduction is well underway.

    So if you are or know the following shoot an email to Matt C., our new and most favorite Director of Casting at Damn, I hope he doesn't get pissed I just spammed my friends with his personal email addy. hehe. Harrass me if need be, but he's the man behind the Casting plan.

    We've gotten about 150 applicants for this so far:

    Sexy Ring Girls and Sharp Female Commentator Needed!
    Serious inquires only.
    This is for a pilot TV show.
    Non-union contract.
    We are looking for very sexy women that have attitude and spark.
    Please send recent pictures and/or portfolio links to
    Headshots and full length preferred.
    No phone calls.

    So if you are or know one sexy mama that loves to wear a binkini, this is her shot. If you know Scotty at OTM and think your as Charismatic and can keep up with his vibe this is your shot to be a Commentator alongside of him!!!! My friends are sometimes my favorite bet... it's much more fun when I know who you are and where you're coming from!

    Also, this casting posting is coming out today:

    We are looking for people that know/think they are ALIENS from another PLANET and are at war with other ALIENS.
    You must be Aliens with a distinct style. Media Ready. You must convince us of your Alienness at the Audition and how much you are ready to combat the opposing forces in the galaxy.

    If you now any Aliens, or are one yourself, this is the time for you. This is an unbelievable opportunity to get your Integalactic, Star Chasing, Planetary Hatin', Super Power point to all people in America. Help us Alien Obi... you are our only hope.

    Matt C, Casting Director Extrodinaire, will keep you posted on the Audition Dates and Locations. We know that the rules below sometimes are broken for the best of you!

    I also have commission only posistions open for Freelance Advertising Reps. This is for the MMA show that is currently airing. Let me know if your interested and I'll go over the details.

    LOVE YOU, MISS SOME OF YOU, Let's get the party Started!


    Here's a few of the FAQS:

    1. What is the casting call for?
    An exciting new Reality TV Show. Racey, like Jerry Springer and Howard Stern.

    2. Which Station will it air on?
    This is an audition shoot for the Pilot, will air Nationally.
    3. How many people or models do you need?
    We are looking for 2-3 Ringside Women and 1 Female Commentator, hords of Aliens (at least two to three).
    4. When will you let me know if I've been chosen?
    We will be casting summer. Please don`t call us. We will call you if we want you to come back.
    5. Will I be paid for having my photo taken at the casting call?

    6. Will I be paid if you want to use me as talent?

    7. How much will I be paid?
    That will be discussed with you if you are selected. The position maybe become a regular part for the right people.

    8. What will happen if you chose me ?
    We will contact you with the film schedule.

    10. Will there be nudity involved?
    No. Ring girls wear bikinis and short shorts,any ethnicity, charismatic, beautiful, physically fit, comfortable in a bikini.

    11. How long will the audition take?
    Be prepared to wait at least three hours maximum. First come first seen, we are staggering the auditions.

    12. What clothing, etc. should I wear/Bring?

    Ring Girls - Bathing Suit etc... No professional modeling acting experience is needed, as well as there is no height
    requirement. They should also be prepared to show off their runway/ringside walk, and be interviewed.

    Ring Girls List:
    Binkini, Heels + Two Photos

    Commentator - They will be tested alongside our male commentator for their abilty to ad-lib with him.

    Commentator List:
    Suit, Casual Wear, Two Photos and Resume

    Alien List
    What ever regalia that you normally wear as an Alien + two Photos.
    You can bring special effects, just nothing that would harm or hurt anyone or the studio.

    13. This is a screen test on Camera

    14. Where is the location of the Filming?
    Los Angeles Area

    15. Is this a Union Production?

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