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World Black Belt Martial Arts Tour

    Fri, 2005-07-15 07:09 — Cynthia Rothrock


    Hope this letter finds you in great health, exuberant in spirit and still yearning for adventurous travel and excitement while continuing to explore the fascinating world of the martial arts.

    World Black Belt Founding Member
    Cynthia Rothrock
    For Cynthia Rothrock and myself it has been a wonderful year for expanding our horizons by meeting some very special people that have opened our eyes to some great possibilities, so we wanted to share them with you. Essentially we have teamed up with Bob Wall of "Enter the Dragon" fame & World Black Belt, Inc. and Daniel Pinkowski of Regent China Tours by putting together a once in a lifetime trip into Mainland China to visit the birthplace of both Internal and External Martial Arts.

    We wanted to personally extend you an offer to become a member of our entourage to travel with this first Master's Martial Arts Tour to explore these old world martial traditions while living and training in the birthplace of kung-fu (gong-fu). This 12-day tour and training session will take us on a four city visit to Beijing, Xian, Zhenzou, and Chengdu, China.

    Actually, we will be guests of Kang Jie, the Director of the Cultural Department of Henan Provincial Government and The Office for External Cultural Relations. We will train at the famous Shaolin Temple and share in the wisdom of the Shaolin Monks. All participants that attend will receive a training certification from the temple. All participants will also receive a World Black Belt wall certificate signed by Bob Wall, Cynthia and Eric upon returning. We will also visit a noted Taoist temple in Qingchengshan Mountain where authentic traditional practices are conducted daily.

    World Black Belt Founding Member
    Eric Lee
    We, along with a select group of teachers, while there in China, will provide training to everybody that joins us on this special sojourn back to the roots of our art . Students will have a chance to practice Tai-Chi, Xing-I, Ba Gua and Chi-Kung in the morning with the local Masters. Some of the sights to be taken in will be the Legend of Kung-Fu Theater play at the famous Red Theater, dining on Beijing Roast Duck at one of the many popular restaurants followed by a performance of the Chinese Acrobats. We will interact with their counter parts in Beijing while also visiting a Chinese production studio where kung Fu films are made. Some of the historical landmarks that our group will be visiting are the Ming tombs, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, the Summer Palace, the Terra-Cotta warriors and Qingchengshan Mountain.

    This invitation is offered to all ranks, styles and systems and if you are interested in joining us on this exiting trip please contact Daniel Pinkowski at (800) 896-1916.

    So please, hurry to join us because there is a registration deadline!!!

    Lets have a great experience together,

    Respectfully yours in the martial arts,
    Cynthia Rothrock and Eric Lee
    Co-hosts of the 2005 China Tour

    World Black Belt, Inc.
    18663 Ventura Blvd. #300
    Tarzana, CA 91356

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