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World Championships of KickBoxing, Italy 2006

    Thu, 2006-08-10 07:52 — Denis Martins

    From 23 to 26 of November in the city of Viareggio, Italy, will be held 2 different WTKA Open world championship: kick boxing world championship and
    All Styles world championship.

    In WTKA All Styles championship will be held:
    · free styles forms
    · traditional forms
    · musical forms
    · self defence
    · street self defence
    · selfe defence scenic
    · submission wrestling

    But all the fighters could also have fighting matches, competing in point fighting(where each action is stopped after each hit to his own opponent)
    continuous light fighting(that is a fighting match but with controlled power and without K.O. for both of competitions

    LEGAL TARGET AREAS are Head: Face
    and Side.
    Trunk: Front and Side.
    Leg: Below Mid- Calf (Feet Sweep Only)
    and scoring is:
    Punch: 1 point.
    Kick To Body: 1 point .
    Jumping Kick to body: 2 points
    Kick To Head: 2 points.
    Footsweep Follow Up: 2 points.
    Jumping Kick to head: 3 points

    Each Fighter may wear dresses that belongs to their own style. This will be an occasion for all the martial artist to fight in an mixed style tournament with unified rules valid for all the different fighting styles. From kung fu to taekwondo , from viet vo dao to tang so doo, from jiu jitsu to hapkido all the competitors are allowed to participate in fighting
    division too.

    Check web page you can find all the rules and
    class and categories.

    Visit also NEWS section where could see images of Viareggio WTKA World championships Town and discover all the beauties of surrounding places.

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