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Wrestling dropped from Olympic Games

    Tue, 2013-02-12 15:24 — Benjamin Bieker

     While it is seven years away a lot of people are up in arms over the governing body of the Olympics excluding wrestling from the 2020 Olympics Games. Wrestling will still be included in the 2016 event which is set to take place in Brazil. There is still a possibility that the event could be added in a vote to make the games have 26 events, but according to sources it looks very grim. This leaves a lot of changes for the world of MMA and BJJ by extension.

    With the taking out of one of the oldest Olympic contest a lot of people wonder what will be added. Obviously, no one wants to see anymore synchronized swimming event, but they may need to add something intriguing for men considering the lack of sports men like to compete in and watch. Baseball is gone, Basketball is not fun to watch when Americans dominating, and the boxing is not fun to watch when the names are not known. It would be impossible for MMA to be added to the games since no promotion would let their fighters go fight for free, but could BJJ be added?

    Many people called for Jiu Jitsu to be added to the games since they are going to Brazil in 2016 but that was a little to late. Why not add it to 2020? It is very possible to get many big names from MMA to go compete in the games as long as they are not set up for a fight. Many fighters that compete for the UFC still compete fairly often in Jiu Jitsu events, and with MMA being a very big multi-cultural sport there are many athletes ready and rearing to compete. Athletes from all over the world compete in the sport, and they would be able to represent their country in the Olympic games. Plus, it would actually be competitive unlike other events where one country can dominate. As with most things it is all about support. So, if you want to see wrestling back in the Olympics, or want to try to get BJJ into it for the first time fans have to support it. Let your voice be heard!

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