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    Heart of a warrior

    Fri, 2013-12-20 16:03 — ALFREDO BORREGO

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    It has been said that anyone can fight fresh, but a true warrior will stay calm at the helm during the worst of storms. That was the case on December 7th at the Filipino community center. Harvey Nakamoto vs Jon Barnard was Elite Cage fightings main event of a 15 fight card. Harvey shown above second from the left, had come down with a serious case of bronchitis and was pushing a 103 degree fever the day before the fight. Yet when asked by his coach and team to surrender the match and forfeit on the grounds of health, Harvey Nakamoto refused with a full heart and went ahead and faced his opponent. What followed was one of the greatest displays of heart courage and sheer will power. Harvey Nakamoto went in only one direction, forward. Forward into a barrage of punches and kicks, forward into a healthy strong opponent for fifteen minuets Harvey Nakamoto showed all in attendance the true meaning of martial arts, to press on with no regard for fear or danger, to press forward even if it means your death, to stand when you have no strength to stand, to fight until the last bell sounds. Harvey Nakamoto lost a unanimous decision that night but won the respect of the entire Hawaiian MMA community. I asked Harvey Nakamoto After the fight, why he went through with the fight knowing he had bronchitis and a high fever knowing he was risking more then a loss of record but a loss of life. He answered the only way a Team Nakamoto Warrior would "Because i couldn't let down all those who helped me prepare for this fight, i couldn't let down all my friends family and fans who came out to support because Nakamotos don't retreat, Nakamotos don't surrender."

    TUFF N' NUFF Aug 2nd Orleans hotel and casino Las Vegas

    Mon, 2013-08-05 23:24 — ALFREDO BORREGO

     Once again Tuff N Uff put on a great show complete with knockouts submissions, and upsets. The most impresive fight of the night was Jamin Tabaya Vs. JP Bwrede. Jamin displayed patience and timing as he continually scored big with a lightning fast left hand. Tabaya scored an early knockdown moments into the fight. A powerful left cross found its target on the head of Jp Bwrede three sepreate times, the last of which left JP Bwrede sleeping on the canvass. Jamin Tabay went home with another impresive victory for the Torres System fighting team.

    FESTIBRAWL South Point Casino Las Vegas May 26th

    Tue, 2013-05-28 17:08 — ALFREDO BORREGO

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     Tuff n' Uff put on another excellent night of fights including some incredible finishes. "Handsome" John Hackleman from Los Angeles California put on an impresive first round finish over Andrew "X" Lipp. First punches of the first round landed flush on the head of Andrew Lipp sending him into a scramble to keep his witts, a more calm John Hackleman scooped up the neck of Andrew Lipp in a standing Gioultine, a few seconds passed and Andrew Lipp became Andrew "limp" John Hackleman bowed over his fallen opponent and retreated to his corner.

    TFA XXVIII Summer Smack Down

    Wed, 2013-05-15 00:40 — ALFREDO BORREGO

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     Totoal fight alliance is putting on its 28th show this friday night may 17th at the Longshoremans Union Hall in Wilmington Ca. Packed with awesome talent this event is sure to be a crowd pleaser, Including a Heavy Weight Championship match featuring "The Long Beach Bad Boy" Daniel De la cuerva as he defends his belt for the first time. The event will also feature 5 live bands food and a full bar. OTM's Alfredo Borrego will be on location to give you all the highlights of the action.

    FESTIBRAWL South Point Casino Las Vegas mar 1st 2013

    Wed, 2013-03-06 00:38 — ALFREDO BORREGO

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     Another great night of fights as Tuff n Uff delivers Festibrawl at the southpoint casino in Las Vegas Nevada. 15 epic matches including a female MMA match. The night was filled with mat pounding slams and neck breaking chokes. Fight teams represented to name a few were Team WAND of Las Vegas and the Debut of The UFC GYM team with fighters Vadim Goberman, and Bronson Sabado Jr. the results of the matches are as follows:

                Main Event:

    FESTIBRAWL South Point Casino Las Vegas Jan 18th 2013

    Fri, 2013-01-25 14:06 — ALFREDO BORREGO

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     Tuff n Uff did not disapoint putting on another great show. Fight capital sent out two fighters and went 1-1 Jesse "big foot" Cervantes took home a "W" for Skipper Kelps Fight Capital. the rest of the results were as follows
    Ramos Cruz defeated Matt Villagomez via Unanimous Decision
    Cory Hendricks defeated Geoffrey Rojas via First Round Submission (Guillotine)
    Cody Smith defeated Brandon Rowland via First Round Submission (Arm Bar)
    Bryan Calleros defeated Carlos Garcia via Unanimous Decision

    TUFF N' NUFF Festibrawl JAN 18th South Point Casino Las Vegas Nevada

    Sun, 2013-01-13 00:22 — ALFREDO BORREGO

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     Join OTM at the south point casino in Las Vegas Nevada on January 18th of fights as we enjoy another epic night of fights, including two Title Matches and a female bout. stay posted for results and fight of the night re-cap.

    Upset Victory for A.J. "The Pitbull" Ferrer

    Mon, 2012-12-31 17:06 — ALFREDO BORREGO

     A.J. "The Pitbull" Ferrer takes home a win over the much bigger Walter Kahuna. When the two opponents touched gloves I thought for sure it was a miss match, Walter Kahuna was towering over A.J. Ferrer by at least six inches. It was a classic tale of David and Goliath, A.J. wasted no time, and began sending several well placed Muay Thai combos that every so often found their high target. This took Walter Kahuna by surprise who then wildly clinched A.J. Ferrer.


    Sat, 2012-05-19 11:35 — ALFREDO BORREGO

     Minneapolis, MN DOWNTOWN SHOWDOWN 5


    Tue, 2011-05-03 19:22 — ALFREDO BORREGO

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    Henry Corrales win 1st round via rear naked choke VS. Emillio Gonzales
    Lee "silent warrior" Chapman win 2nd round via rear naked choke VS. "The Troublemaker" Jason Williams
    Adrian Diaz win 1st round via gullotine VS. Luke Adams
    Karl Santiago win 1st round via knockout VS. Randy "Randerlei" Haskill
    Raja "baby hook" Shippen win 1st round via triangle choke VS. Brandon Anderson
    Mike Jasper win unanamous decicion VS. Luis "the bully" Salgado

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