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    Tuff-N-Uff announces four-woman strawweight tournament, winner to earn pro contract with Invicta FC

    Tue, 2014-03-18 16:03 — Benjamin Bieker

    LAS VEGAS – The nation's premier amateur mixed martial arts promotion is happy to announce an exciting new venture with the sport's top all-female organization.

    Five Grappling California One Review

    Mon, 2014-03-10 06:53 — Benjamin Bieker

    The opportunity for a new tournament runner to enter the world of

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great thing, because when it cost over $100 to

    enter a tournament five months out, the market is not nearly as saturated

    Five Grappling's Nevada 1 Open for Registration

    Tue, 2014-03-04 17:14 — Benjamin Bieker

    Five Grappling is on the second tournament in as many months. They move on from California to Nevada as they make their way around the US. The first tournament provided some great competitors, but whoever wins here will face those winners and the rest at the end of the year. Five Grappling is making this more than one tournament experience, so if you can make it to Nevada head out there. But stay tuned as a tournament may be coming to a city near you.

    Sacramento BJJ Tournament Offers Free Gi Giveaway

    Sun, 2014-03-02 14:21 — Benjamin Bieker



    Sophia Drysdale's Australian Camp Review

    Thu, 2014-02-27 20:16 — Benjamin Bieker

     The weekend of February 15th and 16th was a huge weekend for women in Jiu Jitsu. Almost 95 women joined together to participate in what seems to be the largest all women's BJJ event to date anywhere in the world! The event organsed by purple belt Jess Fraser was a weekend camp that was open to all women of all ages and all levels from any academy.

    Total MMA Studios Presents GetDown Fights: “Where Elite MMA Fighters Come to Compete”

    Wed, 2014-02-26 22:42 — Benjamin Bieker

     Tustin, CA (PRWEB) February 25, 2014

    Tustin, Calif. – Total MMA Studios presents GetDown Fights: “Where Elite MMA Fighters Come to Compete.” Saturday night, March 1st, GetDown Fights brings some the best amateur fighters together to compete at Yost Theater in Santa Ana, Calif. GetDown Fights its quickly becoming the premier amateur MMA show in South California with 10 shows televised by KDOC last year including the South California State Finals.

    Tas BJJ Open

    Wed, 2014-02-26 22:37 — Benjamin Bieker

    Sorry, you need to install flash to see this content.

     Held just outside Hobart CBD on the 26th & 27th April 2014 - the Tasmanian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu OPEN promises to be the premier Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition in the state. The event will hold both GI-Weight & Absolute plus NOGI-Weight & Absolute White, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black belt divisions.

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