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    Carson's Corner: Eddie Goldman and Bob Carson discuss UFC 84, YAMMA, EliteXC, IFL and more!

    Tue, 2008-05-27 08:51 — Bob Carson

    Eddie Goldman ( joined Bob for today's Carson's Corner. They covered a wide variety of topics, including UFC 84, ELITE XC, IFL, YAMMA and

    Eddie Goldman is a long-time respected MMA journalist and pundit. He has never been one to shy away from an opinion, and this show is no exception. You're definitely going to want to hear what Eddie and Bob have to say about the present state of MMA. If you like talk radio, you'll love this edition of Carson's Corner.

    Chris Bolan of BRAINPADS is the guest on Carson's Corner!

    Sun, 2008-05-25 09:38 — Bob Carson

    Chris Bolan is a high-ranking executive with BRAINPADS, which produces the most technologically advanced mouth guard in the world today. Fighters like Cung Le swear by the effectiveness of this mouth guard. After you hear this interview, you too will want the protection provided by this essential piece of equipment. The BRAINPAD continues to be the only guard biomechanically tested and proven to reduce impact energy at the base of the skull and brain.

    Two days before his UFC fight, Rich "No Love" Clementi guests on Carson's Corner!

    Fri, 2008-05-23 10:00 — Bob Carson

    Rich "No Love" Clementi is set to take on Terry Etim this Saturday at UFC 84 . On the eve of weigh-ins, he entered Carson's Pit for perhaps his toughest challenge of the week. Clementi is coming off a win over highly-regarded Sam Stout at UFC 83 and is jumping straight back into the octagon a month later.

    Clementi breaks down Etim and talks about how he sees the fight going. This is a great chance to hear a top fighter discuss his opponent in detail just before the fight.

    Jay Estrada and Jacob Stahler jump into Carson's Pit!

    Thu, 2008-05-22 08:31 — Bob Carson

    Fight Promoter Jacob Stahler (pictured left) and
    underrated MMA warrior Jay "El Terrible" Estrada
    (right) join Carson for a GREAT show!

    In these two no-holds-barred interviews, Carson and
    Estrada discuss "El Terrible"'s entire fight career
    before Stahler stops in to discuss "Primetime FC:
    Inception," his upcoming first event.

    Hear Estrada and Carson talk about Clay Guida, Sam
    Stout, Bart Palaszewski and revenge against all three,
    then feel reassured as Stahler puts to rest some of
    the outrageous rumors circulating about his first

    Estrada and Stahler pull no punches, and neither does

    Carson's Corner on location at last night's IFL. Interviews with Matt Horwich, Ryan Schultz and Roy Nelson!

    Sun, 2008-05-18 10:04 — Bob Carson

    Bob Carson was in Uncasville last night for the big IFL fight card at the Mohegan Sun. Join Carson's Corner and hear all about what happened in the ring and behind the scenes. Bob caught up with Matt Horwich, Ryan Schultz and Roy Nelson, and spoke with each about their fights and what the future holds. Be sure to catch this show and hear what they had to say.

    In addition, Bob gives us the very latest on YAMMA, news of some HUGE firings within the IFL, Chris Byrd, Kimbo Slice, Egan Inoue, Ken Shamrock and much more.

    This is a very fast-paced Carson's Corner.

    Get to know Team Quest coach Dr. Ryan Parsons on Carson's Corner!

    Fri, 2008-05-16 06:42 — Bob Carson

    On this edition of Carson's Corner, Bob sat down for a great talk with Team Quest trainer Dr. Ryan Parsons.

    Dr. Parsons is the brains behind Light Force Nutrition. He is a noted diet and nutrition expert in MMA, and is credited as the force behind Randy Couture's successful move to light heavyweight a few years ago. On this show, Dr. Parsons discusses the basics of nutrition and how it applies to fighting.

    Hillbilly Heartthrob Alert! Brad Imes on Carson's Corner!

    Sun, 2008-05-11 22:30 — Bob Carson

    Mixed martial arts veteran Brad Imes will challenge Roy Nelson for the IFL heavyweight championship as part of the nine-bout card as that organization returns to the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn., on Friday, May 16. As he makes his final preparations, Imes was kind enough to sit down for a talk with Bob Carson in order to give the fans an update on his career.

    Monte Cox on the Hot Seat!

    Sun, 2008-05-11 06:42 — Bob Carson

    MMA manager, promoter and mastermind, Monte "The
    Shogun of Iowa" Cox joins Carson for what must surely
    be his most no-holds-barred interview to date! Monte
    answers some tough questions about conflict of
    interest, philosophy of promoting and Matt Hughes.

    Cox steps into Carson's Pit to take on a number of
    issues with Bob, including his ongoing rivalry and
    feud with Ken Pavia, Phyllis Lee, Dana White, the UFC, Matt Hughes, Dan the Wolfman and much more!

    Monte also gives details on his current and future
    projects, discusses the Affliction show and problems

    Rage in the Cage Impresario Roland Sarria on this week's Carson's Corner!

    Tue, 2008-05-06 09:51 — Bob Carson

    If you've been around the sport of MMA, you definitely have heard of Arizona's Rage in the Cage. The man behind Rage in the Cage is Roland Sarria. Sarria has been promoting since 1998, and he knows virtually everything about the MMA scene in Arizona. He has also trained many fighters, including several UFC and King of the Cage veterans.

    Phyllis Lee joins Carson's Corner!

    Mon, 2008-05-05 11:26 — Bob Carson

    The great Phyllis Lee joins Carson's Corner! Phyllis
    is known as "The First Lady of MMA," and brings a
    wealth of experience in both the world of combat
    sports and professional wrestling to the show.

    Carson and Phyllis discuss a wide range of topics,
    including fighters she currently manages, bad behavior
    behind-the-scenes by fighters and wrestlers,
    allegations about dubious activity by Japanese
    promotions and much more!

    Carson also discusses the TUF ratings slide, Ian
    Freeman vs. Paul Cahoon, your listener e-mails and
    those clowns from a CERTAIN other MMA broadcast! Don't

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