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    Brood 9 Martial Arts Anniversary Party!

    Tue, 2011-09-20 15:27 — brood9maa

     It’s that time again! Can’t believe it has been another year, and what a year it has been. We have had a really wonderful one here at Brood 9 and want to show our thanks to all of the wonderful support you have given us by throwing an Anniversary Party!

    Conditioning Workshop and Filming at Brood 9!

    Mon, 2011-03-28 09:23 — brood9maa

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     Conditioning for Stunts
    April 10th – 4pm – 6:30pm
    Cost: $50
    Location: Brood 9 Martial Arts (
    This seminar will completely focus on conditioning techniques for physical stunts for Film, Television and stage.  This will cover workouts to enhance your strength, core and flexibility, while doing fun stunt techniques such as rolls, falls and jumps. 

    Traditional Muay Thai Seminar this Saturday!

    Tue, 2010-10-12 11:28 — brood9maa

    Saturday October 16th, 2010
    2:30pm - 6:30pm
    Brood 9 Martial Arts
    6508 1/2 Arizona Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90045
    To reserve your Space, please call Ajarn Nelson Siayvong (Instructor) at (626) 831-1010 or Anthony Eisenhower at 310-679-1998.
    Limited Spaces offered!

    Brood 9 Martial Arts 1 Year Anniversary Party

    Tue, 2010-09-07 11:18 — brood9maa

    We have a lot of stuff planned for a really fun day to celebrate one year of Brood 9 Martial Arts. We have sign up special, Raffle/Door Prizes, Food, Music & Dancing as well as a schedule of demos and classes that you can take part in all for free. We will be have all aspects of the school there so Abrigo Martial Arts will be joining in as well as Wing Chun. 

    MMA and Stunts

    Wed, 2010-09-01 14:57 — brood9maa

     Are you interested in becoming a stunt professional or an actor wanting to do your own stunts?  Brood 9 Martial Arts is now offering a new series of stunt training courses to assist with this.    

    Free Brood 9 Muay Thai Seminar

    Tue, 2010-08-03 20:20 — brood9maa

    Brood 9 Martial Arts presents this FREE Muay Thai Seminar!

    Muay Thai is referred to as "The Science of Eight Limbs,” as the hands, feet, elbows, and knees are all used extensively in this art. In this seminar students
    will learn dynamic attacks, elusive defensive movements, combinations, unbeatable strategy, proper application of techniques, comprehensive pad work, effective partner work, and intense sparring.

    ...About Instructor:

    Brood 9 Submission Grappling/Wrestling Seminar

    Sat, 2010-07-10 12:34 — brood9maa

     FREE Submission Grappling/Wrestling Seminar!

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