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    Disney Event This Weekend

    Tue, 2009-03-24 06:53 — Grappling-X

    Disneyland Tournament
    Rules And Weights for GI and No-Gi Rules.
    March 28th 2009,
    The Anaheim Convention Center
    800 West Katella Avenue,
    Anaheim, CA 92802

    Weigh In's
    Friday March 27th

    The Fight Lab
    30033 Technology Dr #101
    Murrieta, Ca 92563
    From 10:00 AM To 8:00 PM

    Undisputed Gym
    3038 University Ave
    San Diego, Ca 92104
    From 2:00 PM To 8:00 PM

    New Breed Academy
    9834 Jersey Ave.
    Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
    From 2:00 PM To 5:00 PM

    Clarion Hotel
    616 Convention Way,
    Anaheim, CA, US, 92802
    From 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

    Weigh In's
    Saturday March 28th

    Pankration/ No-Gi Tournament This Weekend

    Tue, 2009-03-10 15:35 — Grappling-X

    Sunday March 15th 2009.
    Pankration and No-Gi

    Clovis West High School
    1070 E. Teague
    Fresno, CA 93720
    If you are weighing in on Sunday morning you need to show up before 8 AM. Everyone must weigh in Kids And Adults.
    Event starts: 9:00 AM
    Rules Meeting: 8:30 AM

    Weigh in's -=- Saturday Mar.14,2009

    Pacific Martial Arts
    Fresno, CA 93711
    4:00 PM To 8:00 PM

    Central Valley Martial Arts
    1413 W Murray Ave
    Visalia, CA 93291
    10 am To 8 PM

    Weigh in's -=- Sunday Mar.15,2009

    Clovis West High School
    1070 E. Teague
    Fresno, CA 93720
    6:00 AM To 8:00 AM

    Tournament Schedule
    Pankration Tournament


    6 Up Coming Events

    Fri, 2009-01-16 10:57 — Grappling-X

    January 14, 2009 - San Diego: In 2008 The Grappling Experience LLC was responsible for raising the bar in submission grappling and pankration tournaments. Now, in 2009 you can provide your tournament participants with the same level of professionalism and appeal with GX Consulting & Mat Rentals. If you are looking to run the best tournament in your area, GX Consulting has everything you need to become number one. The GX team has over 50 years of combined tournament and MMA experience. Many who work for GX have competed for years in various combat sports.

    Results 1/10/2009

    Mon, 2009-01-12 16:09 — Grappling-X

    Team Trophies
    1st Fight Club 29
    2nd OC Kickboxing
    3rd Lion's Den

    Outstanding Grappler
    Colin Navickas (Cleber JJ)

    Kids Beginner Submission Grappling 65 Lbs
    1st Mika Carpenter (Lion's Den)
    2nd Aidan Claproth (CMS)
    3rd Conner Carpenter (Lion's Den)

    Kid's Beginner Submission Grappling 75 Lbs
    1st Clayton Carpenter (Lion's Den)
    2nd Christian Meza (Alliance)
    3rd Vincent Waters

    Kids Beginner Pankration 65 Lbs
    1st Aidan Claproth (CMS)
    2nd Connor Carpenter (Lion's Den)
    3rd Mika Carpenter (Lion's Den)

    Kids Beginner Pankration 75 Lbs
    1st Clayton Carpenter (Lion's Den)

    Results For Dec 6th

    Wed, 2008-12-10 12:05 — Grappling-X

    Team Trophies

    1st Riverside Submission
    2nd The Compound MMA
    3rd Alliance MMA

    Kids Beginner Pankration

    50 lbs Ages 6-7

    1st Athena Zepeda (Riverside Submission)
    2nd Kenji Beato (PIMA)
    3rd Joseph Sadlick (The Fight Lab)

    60 lbs Ages 7-8

    1st Heiden Gonzalez (Riverside Submission)
    2nd Joshua Varnell (The Fight Lab)
    3rd Daymeond Molina (Riverside Submission)

    80 lbs Age 7

    1st Enola Cabrera (Riverside Submission)
    2nd Hernan Alamillo (The Compound)

    65 lbs Ages 8-10

    1st Iesha Washington (The Compound)
    2nd Jermiah Guerrero (Gator/MFTC)
    3rd Cortez Castellanos (Alliance MMA)

    No-Gi and Pankration Tournament

    Wed, 2008-12-10 12:03 — Grappling-X


    Submission Grappling /Pankration Tournament
    Saturday January . 10th ,2009
    The Fight Lab
    31-330 Reserve Dr #A
    Thousand Palms, Ca 92276

    Competitors Fee:
    $50 Adult
    $45 Kids
    Both Tournaments
    $65 Adult
    $60 Kids
    Pre-Registration End Wednesday Jan 7th add $15 after the 7th
    Spectators Fee
    $10 Adults
    $5 Kids
    Submission Tournament
    Kids 9:00 Am
    Teen's 11:00 Am
    Women's 1:00 Pm
    Beginner 12:00 Pm
    Intermediate 2:00 Pm
    Advanced 3:00 Pm
    Pankration Tournament
    Beginner 9:00 Am
    Advanced 12:00 Pm
    Kid's 1:00 Pm
    Teen's 2:00 Pm
    Women's 3:00

    Disneyland and Gracie Nationals Tournament

    Fri, 2008-11-28 11:15 — Grappling-X


    Huge News From Grappling-X

    2 Tournaments For The Price Of 1

    Wed, 2008-11-26 13:35 — Grappling-X


    Grappling X has received a lot of calls and emails asking if we could also host a submission grappling tournament for the kids on December 6th. We felt because we are so close to Christmas that GX would give you a gift. Not only are we going to host a submission grappling tournament on December 6th, but we are going allow you to compete in both for the price of one.
    Tournament Schedule
    Pankration Tournament
    Kids Beginner 10:00 Am
    Kids Advanced 12:00 Am
    Teens 1:00 PM
    Women's 2:00 PM
    Submission Tournament
    Women's 10:00 AM
    Teen's 10:30 AM
    Kids Beginner 12:00 PM

    Pankration Tournament Nov, 22

    Sat, 2008-10-25 09:53 — Grappling-X

    Grappling Experience
    Grappling Experience would like to invite you to our Pankration tournament in Murrieta, Ca


    The Fight Lab
    30033 Technology Dr #101
    Murrieta, Ca 92563

    Event starts 10:00 AM
    Rules Meeting 9:30 AM

    6 oz. Gloves and must be approved By Grappling X Before the event starts. If you need glove Grappling X will have gloves to rent for $5.00

    Weigh in's
    Friday Nov 21

    The Fight Lab
    30033 Technology Dr #101
    Murrieta, Ca 92563
    10:00 Am To 8:00 Pm

    Weigh in's
    Saturday Nov. 22

    The Fight Lab
    30033 Technology Dr #101
    Murrieta, Ca 92563

    Escondido Tournament Results

    Tue, 2008-08-12 07:29 — Grappling-X

    Escondido Submission Grappling tournament
    August 9th

    Fight Lab 1st Place
    Throwdown Elite 2nd Place
    The Compound 3rd Place

    Outstanding Grappler
    Dominic Waters (Fight Club 29)
    Brian Gurgerty (City Boxing/ Throw Down)

    Kids Beginner 50 6 years old
    1st Justice Smith (Throwdown Elite)
    2nd Kenji Beato (PIMA)

    Kids Beginner 75 6-7 Years old
    1st Ryan Cosio (Fight Lab)
    2nd Enola Cabrera (Riverside Submission)

    Kids Beginner 80 6-7 Years old
    1st Enola Cabrera (Riverside Submission)
    2nd Rana Willink (Throwdown Elite)

    Kids Beginner 60 8-10 Years Old
    1st Roman Gonzalez (The Compound)

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