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    USA National Pankration Team Championships

    Fri, 2008-07-25 08:38 — John Frank

    Don’t miss the 1st of two Amateur Pankration League National Championship Tournaments:
    July 26th : National Team Championships
    November 2008: National Individual Championships for Kids, Teens, Women and Men. (Must place in a qualifier to enter)

    USA Amateur Pankration League National Team Championships
    11 Nine Man Teams consisting of 135lb, 145lb, 1551b, 165lb, 175lb, 185lb, 200lb, 220lb and 220plus Fighters.
    July 26, 2008
    Santa Ana High School
    520 W Walnut Street
    Santa Ana, CA 92701
    Spectators: $8 adults or $5 Kids 12 and under.
    Open Camera Policy (anyone can film)

    2008 California State Pankration Championships

    Fri, 2008-02-29 13:11 — John Frank

    2008 California State Pankration Championships
    Santa Ana College - Bristol & 17th Street
    1530 W. 17th street
    Santa Ana, California

    $8 Adults
    $5 Kids - 5-13 yrs
    *$8 Coaches * One Free Coaches band with roster of 5 competitors

    This Tournament is open to all styles and schools. Amateur�s only.
    All divisions are double elimination with a consulation bracket for 3rd & 4th place.

    This is the Only State Championship in California. All winners will be recognized as the Official California State Pankration Champion.

    - Athletes from all States, Schools and Styles are welcome.

    Results - Full Bred Pankration Championships

    Sat, 2006-10-28 10:22 — John Frank

    Santa Ana High School, Orange County California
    Oct. 22, 2006

    156 Competitors participated in the double elimination tournament which allows Body Strikes, Take Downs and Submissions.


    ADVANCED MEN - 44 Competitors

    Team Score

    1. Cobra Kai
    2. Apex Camp Pendleton
    3. Combat Submission Wrestling

    Finweight (2 Competitors)

    1. A. Frank – OC Jiujitsu & MMA
    2. S. Mckensie – Kali Academy

    Flyweight (7 Competitors)

    1. U. Gomez - Cobra Kai
    2. A. Frank – OC Jiujitsu & MMA
    3. B. Urabe – Combined Martial Science

    Featherweight (7 Competitors)

    Full Bred Pankration Championships

    Mon, 2006-09-18 00:52 — John Frank

    Full Bred Pankration Championships
    October 22, 2006
    Santa Ana High School
    520 W Walnut St. Santa Ana, CA 92701

    Spectators: $8 Adults & $5 for kids

    Tournament entry fee: $40 or $50 if not pre-paid by Oct 17th

    Weigh in and Last Chance Registrations:
    Sat Oct 21 at Santa Ana H.S. Gym 5-9 PM
    Sun Oct 22 at Santa Ana H.S. Gym 7-8:30 AM

    Results - World Amateur Martial Arts Games Pankration Championships

    Wed, 2006-09-06 11:01 — John Frank

    World Amateur Martial Arts Games

    Amateur Pankration Championships

    University Of San Diego

    Aug 20th 2006

    Over 200 Pankration Competitors including some from Mexico, Spain, France and Columbia!!!!



    Team Standings

    1. Cobra Kai
    2. USMC
    3. American Kickboxing Academy


    1. Anthony Frank OCJJ

    2. Marc Hammerbeck OCDOJO

    3. Unk


    1. Ulysess Gomez Cobra Kai

    2. Phillip Palmejar Roy Harris

    3. Joshua Vera American Kickboxing Academy


    1. Gunnar Hinson Team Wildman

    2. Roger Soriano Strike First

    3. Unk

    RESULTS - US Armed Forces Pankration Championships

    Thu, 2006-03-30 10:13 — John Frank

    Pankration Competition allows body strikes, take downs and submissions.

    Warrior Challenge II Results and Photos

    Tue, 2005-05-31 09:04 — John Frank

    Camp Pendleton Warrior Challenge II Pankration Championships
    Held May 28th


    Kids Super Fight

    87 - 92 lbs.
    1. Bobby Morales - Lightning MA
    2. Bradley Christensen - CMS


    141 - 148 lbs.
    1. Jeff Martin - Sidekicks
    2. Phillip Palmejar - Roy Harris Academy
    3. Michael Johnson - 7th ESB / USMC

    154 - 165 lbs.
    1. David Sosebee - Base/ USMC
    2. Joseph Saucedo - H&S Co./ USMC
    3. Justin Meaders - 7th ESB/ USMC

    166 - 175 lbs
    1. Jon Hey - SOI/ USMC
    2. Luis Covaruvias - Division Schools/ USMC

    Photos and results from Warrior Challenge

    Wed, 2004-11-24 12:57 — John Frank

    Here are some photos, more are at

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