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    living at connection rio monday 22nd march 2010

    Mon, 2010-03-22 17:12 — mad jack the hat

    We all made goals to train the morning session every other day, as there is less students and more black belts, so with the smell of toasted bread comming from my bulky bunk buddy nev, i wake up make myself some toast and a guranana smoothie and off to training i go. Every body is so much more energetic in the morning except us gringos but we soon liven up wen we get a few black belts mounting us.

    living at connection rio sunday 21st march 2010

    Sun, 2010-03-21 17:44 — mad jack the hat

    Sunday day of rest..............not for me a friend of mine Emily, has come to stay and she arrived at 6:45 OWTCH!!!!!!. I get a phone call from a taxi driver telling me shes at the gate, on the walk up i see the bucket and ladder from the classic  prank i put up the night before, (bucket over the door tied to the door handle) looks like it worked but i wont know till i speak to the sweeds (swedish guys).

    living at connection rio saturday 20th march 2010

    Sat, 2010-03-20 15:13 — mad jack the hat

    I wake up to the sound of my phone, dennis asks me to let the cleaner in and its time for training, its erics last day so i decide to train him for hes fight as i have to pick up a doctors note from the gym anyway. The rest of the guys are busy training down stairs in the BJJ open mat while im putting Eric through his paces up stairs on the mits. Afew of the guys are off to meet girls today (the ones we meet on st patricks day) so every one is out, me eric and odd job go to the copacabana saturday market but first a lil detour to PePe beach to grab one last acai for Eric.

    Living at connection rio, friday 19th march 2010

    Fri, 2010-03-19 19:19 — mad jack the hat

    Today is friday and a lil worn out from the week we all wake up aching, im first to lighten the mood by drawing a six pac on and telling every one my new abdominal routine, the arrivel of a giant swedish guy jonas is the first thing to take my attention, clearly impressed with my art work the 6ft somthing giant introduces himself, im glad to see he has already been training (nice work).

    living at connection rio: the aftermath 18th march 2010

    Thu, 2010-03-18 20:19 — mad jack the hat

    Ok 1st thing i hear wen i wake up is Bing shuffling around, as he lost hes tampoons he couldnt come out with us hes doing the morning session, i see the rest are still sleeping so i roll over and catch some more ZZZZ a few hours pass and i wake up to the guys sharing stories of scuffles, girls and drunken madness (sounds a bit more like it) catching up and joining in i hear dennis arrive and the reality kicks in when he said those dredded words '' YOU GUYS TRAINNING '' not wanting to let him down or my training partners and more importantly me, i mummble a ''yes'' the rest of the

    Living at connection rio st patricks day (march 17th)

    Thu, 2010-03-18 15:01 — mad jack the hat

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    hey guys and girls, this is a little about what im going to be doing on my blog, so bare with me while i get to grips with this. Im trying to give people a inside look into the day to day going-ons of connection rio, ill be talking about training, house pranks, new guests, gossip fom the house, parties and sharing video links up here aswell, so here we go ...................

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