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    West Coast Fighting Championships Results 1/7/12

    Sun, 2012-01-08 21:06 — nibiruJJ

     West Coast Fighting Championships Reults and Photos. Full fight breakdown, and event photos at

    Rebel Fighter: Annihilation

    Mon, 2011-08-15 09:25 — nibiruJJ

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    for all of my photos from this event click here, or for other photos I've taken visit

    Rogue Fights 14: Vision Quest 4

    Wed, 2011-07-20 14:43 — nibiruJJ

     I was cage side at Rogue fights this past weekend at the Win River Casino and hotel in Redding, Ca. I lost a few dollars at the tables before the fights but I figure that is part of the price you pay for a good time at a fight in a casino. The fights did not disappoint with 9 out of the 10 matches ending early. with one KO, 4 TKO's 4 submissions and only one decision the fights were definitely action packed. The most memorable moment being Deluna's Victory via triangle choke while wearing hot pink zebra striped spandex shorts.

    Fight Republic: Downtown Showdown 7/8/11 Results

    Sat, 2011-07-09 18:44 — nibiruJJ

    Fight Republic: Downtown Showdown put on 9 great amateur fights, only one of which made it past the second round. The final count was: Three Submissions, 5 TKO's and one Decision. 
    Trent Wilshart of Battleborn MMA defeated Ryan Hatfield of Coaching Kids via TKO  R:1 1:20
    Briggs Foreman of IFC Reno defeated Will Suminski of Team Freedom Brawlers via TKO R:2 1:40
    Steven Lively of Iron Horse MMA defeated Garret Willis of Coaching Kids via tko R:2 1:39

    Rogue Fights 14 - July 16, 2011 - The Win-River Casino - Redding, CA

    Fri, 2011-07-08 11:07 — nibiruJJ

    I will be headed to Redding, CA on 7/16 to photograph "Rogue Fights 14" when it returns to the Win-River Casino.
    Looking forward to an exciting card with a mixture of amateur and proffesional bouts. Including 5 Team Quest fighters. Event write up and pictures to follow the event.
    If you are in the area, come out for some entertaining fights and help support local MMA promotions. 
    Local Team Quest pro fighters are on the card:

    Denny Prokopos of 10th Planet S.F. promotes 4 Students, one blue and three purples

    Sat, 2011-01-08 13:57 — nibiruJJ

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     Congratulations to blue belt Trevor O'hare and new purple belts Paul Nikhinson, Steve Grubbs, and Adam Sachnoff. They put a lot of time and hard work into earning their promotions.

    Denny Prokopos of 10th Planet S.F. promotes 2 students and talks about why we train

    Thu, 2010-12-02 04:29 — nibiruJJ

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     Congrats to Matt Walsh and Johnny Ho of 10th Planet San Francisco for their well deserved blue belts. After talking about each of his students Denny goes on to discuss the reasons and motivation for training in jiu jitsu, which is mainly girls, among other things.

    10th Planet S.F. Gracie open highlight video

    Mon, 2010-10-18 02:09 — nibiruJJ

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     10th Planet SF competing at the 10th annual Gracie Open at Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco. We took home Five medals in four Weight classes. Quentin Ludwig took First place, Matt Walsh got third after he bowed out of a quarterfinal match against Quentin. I (Kevin Gibbs) took second, and Adam Sachnoff took second in his division and at absolute, I couldn't find any videos of his matches though. Everyone fought hard and represented well. Thanks to all my teammates, and our coach Denny Prokopos.

    Fighters Uncaged interview with Steve Masters of

    Sun, 2010-10-17 15:27 — nibiruJJ

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    I was recently hired to demo "Fighters Uncaged" at a preview event for Ubisofts X-Box 360 Kinect line up. I wan't supposed to do the interview but I was jumped by Steve Masters and a camera crew. It is a fairly interesting game, felt like the old Punch Out title  but motion controlled and Muay Thai based. Not really a button masher at all, even if it had buttons to mash. You have to be strategic and find the weakness of your opponent. No multiplayer which is a huge letdown.

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