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    10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Seminar with Scott Epstein (Washington, DC)

    Thu, 2012-09-27 15:05 — OTM News

    10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Seminar with Scott Epstein
    Stroga - 1808 Adamsmill Rd.
    Washington, District of Columbia, USA

    12 noon - 3 p.m. ET
    Members: $65
    Non-Members: $75


    UFC veteran and BJJ black belt Justin McCully gives the keynote speech at IMA Impact Awards

    Tue, 2012-09-25 10:45 — OTM News

    Above (Top): UFC veteran and BJJ black belt Justin McCully gives the keynote speech at IMA Impact Awards in Las Vegas, NV. Above (Bottom): UFC veteran Justin McCully, Ryan Bevins of OTM, and Reagan Penn of after the IMA Impact Awards.


    Sean Roberts Seminar - Cabo San Lucas

    Wed, 2012-09-19 07:15 — OTM News

    Sean Roberts Seminar
    September 25, 2012
    1 p.m. - 3 p.m. MDT
    $200 Pesos

    Hi Evolution Gym Cabo
    Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico



    When Keepin' It Real Goes Wrong In MMA

    Mon, 2012-09-03 20:18 — OTM News

    Custom Fight Shorts And Custom Rash Guards A Must For Your Gym!

    Sat, 2012-09-01 23:43 — OTM News

     Custom Fight Shorts and Custom Rash Guards, Why should I get for my Gym?

    Tired of being overpowered by Wrestlers? Sign up for FREE and learn David Avellan's Kimura Trap System!

    Sat, 2012-08-25 22:50 — OTM News

    The Kimura Trap System is a powerful wrestling counter, as any type of shot can be countered with a Kimura Trap.

    In this video, I go over how to spring the Kimura Trap and finish with the One Arm Choke.

    You will always be one step ahead with the Kimura Trap!

    That is the beauty behind the system. Your opponent is being put in an unusual position where his instincts will always fail him.

    Royal House Fight Club Hosts Jeff Glover Seminar!

    Thu, 2012-07-26 01:14 — OTM News

     “Who needs points when I can just tap the dude?” –Jeff Glover

    GLORY partners with Japan's G-Entertainment to bring Kickboxing Mega-Event to Tokyo in December

    Mon, 2012-07-23 07:36 — OTM News

    GLORY Partners With Japan’s G-Entertainment To Bring “GLORY Grand Slam - Heavyweight” Kickboxing Mega-Event To Tokyo In December

    Live event to return the world’s greatest stand-up fighters to the sport’s spiritual home


    Sean Roberts takes home Double-Gold from Grapplers Quest at the UFC Fan Expo

    Fri, 2012-07-13 19:15 — OTM News

    This past weekend Sean traveled to Las Vegas to compete in the Grapplers Quest at the UFC Fan Expo. Sean took home two gold medals by winning both the Brown Belt middleweight division and the Brown Belt absolute division. He had five fights in total for the day.


    OTM: Tell us about your matches, Sean.

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