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    Balance Fighter Wins at UFC 73/ videos

    Sun, 2007-07-08 10:27 — Phil Migliarese

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    Frank Edgar Wins at UFC 73
    Congratulations to Frank Edgar on his win over BJJ Black Belt, Marc Bocek. Frank trained like a mad man for this fight. He trained at least twice a day.(2-3 hrs each session). His average day of training began with workout sessions with his boxing, kickboxing and wrestling coaches (Elite Wrestling), then Frank battled traffic for over an hour to get to Philadelphia to train Jiu-Jitsu at Balance Studios.

    Balance UFC Fighter in Philadelphia Inquirer (July 5th, 2007)

    Thu, 2007-07-05 09:36 — Phil Migliarese

    Pick up a copy of the Philadelphia Inquirer on Thursday, July 5th, 2007.
    Balance UFC Fighter, Frank Edgar tells the Inquirer about his training for his upcoming fight this Saturday in UFC 73.

    Read more about Frank and his fight below

    Also, don't forget to get your subscription to Tapout and MMA Worldwide Magazines.
    (we will be in them for the next six months)

    Phil Migliarese

    Balance Studios, 109-115 S 24th st, Philadelphia, Pa 19103, USA

    Mig-Armbar / Big News!!!!!!!!

    Fri, 2007-06-15 09:54 — Phil Migliarese

    I know that most of you don't enjoy reading long emails, so I condensed this one as much as possible. There is so much to tell you......

    My Brother, Ricardo Migliarese, and I will be featured in
    MMA World Wide Magazine (issue #4 -July 14th, 2007 and issue #5 -Sept 11, 2007 ) in an article called, "Growing Up Gracie". In the Article, I talk about the "old days" of training, before the UFC, the "Gracie Challenge"...and much more.
    (You will laugh when you see the picture of us as kids)

    Team Training, Belt Promotion, cool video

    Tue, 2007-06-05 23:59 — Phil Migliarese

    Team Training and Belt Promotion Day
    Sat, June 9th 2007 - 12pm-2pm -At Balance Studios in Philadelphia PA (address)

    Watch "Inside Balance" Episode 1, Part 1 (CLICK HERE)
    (Note: Scroll Down the Page a little to see the video)

    Phil Migliarese
    "The Jiu-Jitsu Matrix"

    Balance Studios, 109-115 S 24th st, Philadelphia, Pa 19103, USA

    (OTM Note: Congrats on the black belt to our good friend Marco Perazzo!)

    Defeat the Hook Video / Free Seminar in Wilmington DE

    Mon, 2007-04-16 10:09 — Phil Migliarese

    Free Video

    Free Seminar
    (Saturday, April 21, 2007 at 1:00 pm )
    Grand opening of Balance, Wilmington DE
    27 Trolley Sq Wilmington, DE 19806 302-299-3129
    Reserve your spot by emailing

    Two More Balance Schools in Delaware!
    Jeff Hunt / Nathan Flannigan
    Saturday, April 21, 2007 at 1:00 pm
    Team Balance /Wilmington
    27 Trolley Sq
    Wilmington, DE 19806

    Bill Walters / Jim Morrison
    Team Balance/ Tai-Kai Studio
    691 College Sq

    Free Beginner Jiu-jitsu Class this Saturday!!!!

    Wed, 2007-02-21 11:29 — Phil Migliarese

    Balance Studios will be offering a Free Class for Beginners this Saturday at 12pm!
    This class will be focused on the fundamental of Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

    If you are interested in attending this beginner's class, please fill out this form and let us know that you will be coming. (Click Here!)

    Balance Studios

    Balance Studios, 109-115 S 24th st, Philadelphia, Pa 19103, USA

    JiuJitsu Matrix Video from Aruba

    Sat, 2007-02-03 11:39 — Phil Migliarese

    Free Video
    My Brother, cousin and I are doing a little traveling. We are in Aruba right now meeting with a potential Team Balance Affiliate School and looking for a place to hold fight camps. We are looking for a large facility where we can put a cage, mats and Thai Bags... On our break we stopped at the beach and filmed this clip for all of you. Enjoy!

    Click below to Request a Technique, or even to give a Testimonial.

    Please pass this Email to a friend!!!

    World Class instructors at Balance Studios!

    Wed, 2007-01-31 09:13 — Phil Migliarese

    Check out who's teaching at Balance Studios while Rick and I are on our world tour!

    -Tonight (Tues, Jan 31, 2007) The Legendary Master, John Hassett will be taking over our 5:30pm Black Belt Class

    -Tomorrow, (Wed, Jan 31, 2007), Master Marco "The Professor' Perazzo will be dropping knowledge in the 6pm gi class and the 7pm no gi class

    -This weekend, Tim "The Silent Killer" Carpenter will be sharing his Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu Skills on Sat at 12pm and his Champion MMA skills on Sun at 12pm


    Phil MigliareseIII

    Balance Studios Jiu-jitsu and yoga

    New Videos / New Balance School in PITT

    Thu, 2007-01-18 10:21 — Phil Migliarese

    Request a move! Tell me what you want to see.
    I am shooting a bunch of Free videos for I would like to know if anyone had any requests. I am willing to show you whatever you want.

    Click below to Request a Technique, or even to give a Testimonial.

    Team Balance in Pittsburgh!
    Team Balance Pittsburgh is now open to the public! We will be enrolling a limited number of students for classes beginning on January 22nd, 2007. There are only a few spots available, so call and grab a spot.... (look below for more details!)

    Team Balance/ NJMA Wins Challenge Match

    Tue, 2006-12-26 12:25 — Phil Migliarese

    Big Congratulations to Jason Patton for winning his tough challenge match. Also, congratulations to his awesome instructor/coach, Professor Marco Perazzo (4th degree brown belt and owner of New Jersey Martial Arts, a Balance Affiliate school)

    Check out Jason's Challenge Match here!

    Also, Check out Marco Perazzo's new NJMA website. It is very cool!

    Thanks and Enjoy!

    Phil Migliarese
    "The Jiu-Jitsu Matrix"

    Balance Studios, 109-115 S 24th st, Philadelphia, Pa 19103, USA

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