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    AJ Scales Interview

    Tue, 2006-11-21 10:41 — Riccardo Ammendolia

    Upon first meeting Aj Scales in Brazil, I was told he was a Canadian who would compete anywhere. Little did I know how true that statement would soon be.

    Mark Bocek Interview

    Tue, 2006-11-14 11:32 — Riccardo Ammendolia

    This Ronin hailing from Toronto, has proven time and time again that he deserves to be amongst the elite grapplers in the world and is now finally getting his opportunity!

    ADCC Trials Champion Misha Cirkunov

    Tue, 2006-11-07 11:31 — Riccardo Ammendolia

    The product of hard work and good coaching (Sam Zakula), Misha is surely destined to leave his mark and it is with great honor to say that he will be representing Canada at the upcoming ADCC world championships.

    Alliance Jiu-jitsu Team Reformed and Stronger than ever!

    Sun, 2006-11-05 21:40 — Riccardo Ammendolia

    Alliance Jiu-jitsu Team is making waves all over the world once again!!!

    Jeff "The Inferno" Joslin Interview

    Thu, 2006-11-02 10:26 — Riccardo Ammendolia

    Well, if you don't know the name yet, you will soon as Jeff is on a mission and the sky is definately the limit with this Canadian.

    Claude Patrick Interview

    Wed, 2006-10-25 09:57 — Riccardo Ammendolia

    Claude has been a friend of mine for many years now and Ive always considered him to be a excellent BJJ competitor and true student of the game.

    Alessio Sakara Interview

    Mon, 2006-10-16 12:49 — Riccardo Ammendolia

    At UFC 55, Alessio Sakara was introduced to North American MMA fans.

    Interview with Alliance Jiu-jitsu Black Belt Felipe "Zicro" Neto

    Wed, 2006-10-11 15:40 — Riccardo Ammendolia

    Zicro was the go to guy to learn all of the latest techniques from Brazil as well as spar with to get a lesson in humility.

    Brazillian Jiu-jitsu seminar with Alliance Jiu-jitsu Black Belt Felipe 'Zicro' Neto.

    Mon, 2006-10-09 11:17 — Riccardo Ammendolia

    Brazillian Jiu-jitsu seminar with Alliance Jiu-jitsu Black Belt Felipe 'Zicro' Neto.

    October 21st 2006 at the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Institute in Downigtown, PA, USA.

    -The seminar will be 3 hours in duration from 11Am to 2 Pm.

    -One day semninar

    -The seminar wil be foucus on sport/competitio jiu-jitsu techniques such as: defending the guard, sweeping and reversals.

    -$60.00 dollars fee

    20 Questions for Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti

    Wed, 2006-09-27 10:51 — Riccardo Ammendolia

    He has coached many of today's top Black belt competitors as well as black belt coaches. He was the first person to sort of do his own thing after parting ways with the Gracie Family and be successfull. With champions such as Fabio Gurgel, Alexandre Paiva, Rodrigo Comprido, Ricardo and Leonardo Vieira, as well as other top brasilians, the writing is on the walls, and nobody can dispute that fact!

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