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    Invitation to compete at Amateur MMA Finnish Open Championship

    Wed, 2008-09-17 08:03 — Tuomas Murdoch

    The third Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Finnish Open Championship will be arranged in Helsinki, Finland from the 8th to 9th of November 2008.

    The event is sanctioned by the FMMAF (Finnish Mixed Martial Arts Federation) and the bouts are contested under FMMAF C-class rules (no strikes on the ground, bout time 3x3 min).

    Weight categories apply for adult and juvenile males according to the FMMAF rules.

    Competitors with a professional status are exempted from the competition. A fighter is classified as a professional after he has contested his first A-class (3x5 min) bout.

    Latomaki vs de Windt headlines The Cage Vol. 10

    Mon, 2008-04-14 09:40 — Tuomas Murdoch

    The tenth edition of Finland’s leading MMA promotion, The Cage, features nine international matchups and one intriguing bout between local up-and-comers.

    In the main event, Finland’s top light heavyweight, Jarkko Latomäki, faces Team Schrijber’s Furdjel de Windt – a tough fighter who was formally ranked on the European top ten list and has never been submitted or KO’ed during his career.

    In another high-level matchup, rising featherweight prospect Heikki Tiilikka will take on the reigning Shooto European champion David Lejenäs from Sweden.

    Event: The Cage Vol. 10 - Neoblood

    The Cage Vol. 8 - official results

    Mon, 2007-11-12 11:59 — Tuomas Murdoch

    Event: The Cage Vol. 8 - Botnia Punishment

    Date: 10.11.2007

    Venue: Rytmikorjaamo
    City: Seinäjoki
    Country: Finland

    Official Results

    1. -73 kg, 2x5 min

    Mikko Broman, SF Lpr - Finland vs Edvardas Norkeliunas, Titanas - Lithuania

    Winner: Broman, unanimous decision

    2. -72 kg, 2x5 min

    J-P Vainikainen, Espoon Kehähait - Finland vs Tuomo Turkia, MMA Lpr - Finland

    Winner: Vainikainen, submission (triangle) 1. round at time 2,49

    3. -73 kg, 2x5 min

    Jarkko Latomäki, KKU - Finland vs Olivier Elizabeth, Europe Top Team - France

    Carelia Fight 3 - official results

    Wed, 2007-09-05 09:45 — Tuomas Murdoch

    n the main event, local Finnish fighter Jarkko Latomäki suffered a submission loss to UFR Fight Team’s Aidan Marron. Other highlight’s of the event included Lucio Linhares’ dominating submission win over Matti Mäkelä and a light heavyweight war between Juha Saarinen and Magnus Cedenblad.

    Event: Carelia Fight 3

    Date: September 1st 2007

    City: Imatra

    Country: Finland

    Official results:

    1. 2x5 min (-71,5 kg)
    Joni Haahka - KKU, Finland vs J-P Vainikainen - Espoon Kehähait, Finland
    Winner: Vainikainen, unanimous decision

    2. 2x5 (-70 kg)

    The Cage Vol. 7 - official results

    Sun, 2007-04-22 22:47 — Tuomas Murdoch

    Toni Valtonen defeated Miika Mehmet by unanimous decision in the main event of The Cage Vol. 7. The four man welterweight tournament saw Wasim Ul Masih work his way to victory by defeating both Fredrik Klingsell and Jasse Junkkari by way of submission in the first round. Wasim upped his pro record to 5-0-0 and showed great potential with his solid submission skills.

    The Cage Vol. 7 - Reincarnation

    1. -84 kg 2x5 min
    Mikko Koivumäki, GB Gym Turku - Finland vs Teemu Inkeroinen, GB Gym Helsinki - Finland
    Winner: Koivumäki, submission (triangel) 1. round at time 0.46

    Amateur MMA Finnish Open Championships 2006

    Mon, 2006-07-24 01:01 — Tuomas Murdoch



    The Cage Vol. 6 official results

    Mon, 2006-05-22 09:41 — Tuomas Murdoch

    Event: The Cage Vol. 6 – Balls to the Wall

    Date: 20.5.2006
    Venue: Helsingin Urheilutalo

    City: Helsinki

    Country: Finland

    Undercard (2x5 min):

    1. Lightweight (-70 kg)

    Daniel Westerberg, Team Yamasaki - Sweden vs Billy Malm, GBG MMA - Sweden

    Winner: Malm, submission (rear naked choke) 1.erä 1.00

    2. Welterweight (-77 kg)

    Anton Kuivanen, GB Gym Helsinki - Finland vs Martin Ahlberg, Pancrase Gym - Sweden

    Winner: Kuivanen, submission (guillotine choke) 1.erä 0.35

    3. Middleweight (-84 kg)

    Johan Antonsson, Team Yamasaki - Sweden vs Grazvydas Smailys - Lithuania

    The Cage Vol. 6 - Balls to the Wall

    Tue, 2006-05-16 09:38 — Tuomas Murdoch

    The Cage Vol. 6 - Balls to the Wall*

    Date: 20.5.2006

    Venue: Helsingin Urheilutalo
    City: Helsinki

    Country: Finland

    The Cage promotion’s sixth professional MMA event is set to take place in Helsinki on Saturday, the 20th of May.

    In the main event, Finland’s top middleweight fighter Joni Kyllonen faces Lithuania’s Rimgaudas Kutkaitis. The event comprises a total of 11 professional MMA bouts contested under the A- and B-class rules of the Finnish Mixed Martial Arts Federation.

    Undercard (2x5 min):

    1. Featherweight (-65 kg)

    Daniel Westerberg, Team Yamasaki - Sweden



    The Cage - Showdown at Studio 51 - Official Results

    Fri, 2006-01-13 03:05 — Tuomas Murdoch

    Lenogue grinds out an uninspired win over Kyllonen
    Jean Francois Lenogue opted to fight safe against Joni Kyllonen in the main event of Showdown at Studio 51. The frenchman fought passively and was content to hold down Kyllönen for virtually all of the three rounds.

    Official Results:

    The Cage - Showdown at Studio 51
    8th of January, 2006
    Helsinki, Finland

    B-class (2x5 min):

    1. Welterweight ( -77 kg)
    Wasim ul Masi, Alliance Helsinki - Finland
    Martin Ahlberg, Pancrase Gym - Sweden
    Winner: ul Masi, submission (triangel choke) 1. round time 4.40

    2. Middleweight (-84 kg)

    The Cage Vol. 4 official results

    Mon, 2005-12-05 10:50 — Tuomas Murdoch

    The Cage Vol. IV: "Redemption"
    Helsinki Finland

    1. -70 kg
    Pasi Maliniemi, Shootfighting Lappeenranta - Finland vs
    Sergej Juskevic, Lithuania
    Winner: Maliniemi, TKO (strikes) 1. round 1.37

    2. -84 kg
    Mikko Suvanto, MMA Imatra - Finland vs
    Harun Özdemir, OC-Fight Team - Germany
    Winner: Suvanto, submission (strikes) 1. round 1.51

    3. -77 kg
    Janne Tulirinta, Riihimäen Heracles - Finland vs
    Kristian Helde, Shootfighting Stockholm - Sweden
    Winner: Tulirinta, TKO (strikes) 1. round 0.45

    4. -93 kg
    Lucio Linhares, Alliance - Brazil vs
    Tomasz Drwal, Grappling Krakow - Poland

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