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    Built To Fight Boxing Shorts

    New! Boxing Shorts from Built To Fight!


    These boxing shorts are made to impress. They can get you through the toughest training and boxing matches with style. The camera does not do these shorts justice. They are so shiny it's hard to take the pictures on these super-clean shorts!

    100% Satin 

    Available in Black with a solid or insignia(stripe), Blue, and Red.


    OTM Fight Shop Huntington Beach

    HB Pride!


    Huntington Beach flavor from the Fight Shop!

    100% Cotton Slim-Fit T-Shirt


    FHS Jersey XXL Only!

    Limited Stock FHS Jersey!


    This Jersey looks great on Scotty!

    It's only available in XXL! Great Size for the BIG GUYS! 


    OTM Flourish Jersey

    Show off the hardware!


    This Jersey is perfect to wear after a hot day of training. 

    Available in White or Black


    XLC 240 Gi - Womens

    We have Women Sizes Available

     The XLC240 is a 240 gram weight jacket top made of a new Chain Weave material. The gi features a UVA foam collar that is heat resistant. The pants are made from 8 oz rip stop material.


    This gi was designed as  a great summer gi for guys or gals who train regularly. We have some black belts that use these gis everyday and love them!


    Total KnockOut Sports Bra

    Don't get knocked out

    Choose your size.


    Choose your size.

    Mat Burn DVD

    OntheMat is proud to release this old-school footage!


    In 1999 and 2000 Jiu-Jitsu was at its peak in Brazil. Jiu-Jitsu had huge government sponsors and corporate backing promoting huge star studded events. Those years brought us our new heros of years to come here in the USA. As these World Champions and Vale Tudo fighters came to the USA and they soon became household names through their accomplishments. 

    There is a history behind every fight on this DVD!


    Chuck Liddell When He Was A Bouncer!

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    Fight Shop

    OTM Tetra Board Shorts
    OTM T - Spiroplata
    OTM Shark Tornado Rash Guard Front
    OTM Shark Tornado Rash Guard
    Shock Doctor - Ultra Wrap Lace...

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