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    Shock Doctor- Supporter W/ Flex Cup White - Kids

    Shock Doctor- Supporter W/ Flex Cup White - Kids



    Boys/Men Multi-sport X-FIT Supporter is constructed of extra supportive four-way stretch material with unique wrap around X-FIT cup retention system. X-FIT design keeps cup close to body COMFORT WAISTBAND FULLY VENTED front cup panel allows maximum ventilation PROTECTIVE FLEX CUP included.

    Teen Regular 26” - 30” Teen Large 30” - 34”


    OTM Bumper Sticker- I'd Rather Be Choking You Out

    Let them know you train On The Mat!


    OTM Bumper Sticker- I'd Rather Be Choking You Out


    Cholitzu DVD

    Cholitzu with Tony DeSouza!



    OTM Pro Am 2k DVD

    Finally re-released on DVD, the Pro Ams DVD from North Carolina!



    The Jiu Jitsu Cookbook

    Jeff Monson and Dennis Hallman break down their games and show you what has been effective for them!

    Including their philosophies on the Top Game, Bottom Game and Back Control.

    They will share with you the little details that make these positions effective for them in real world situations and have been combat tested over and over again!

    This DVD also contains 25 submissions and drills not seen before on an DVD instructional series, including the Hopscotch series, the Howdy series, and Jeff's infamous 69 choke.

    Nearly 40 chapters and techniques on this DVD in all:

    -Top Game


    The Turtle Guard DVD

    Never Get Tapped from the Back Again!



    Oscar De Jiu-Jitsu 2 DVD

    The classic battle at Copacabana beach has been re-mastered and released on DVD format!


    Witness the history making bout between Royce Gracie and Wallid Ishmail, along with the following tremendous bouts: 


    Jiu Jitsu America Golden Cup 2004 DVD

    Jiu Jitsu America Golden Cup 2004 DVD



    Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Secrets of our Success DVD

    Whether you are a beginner or advanced this instructional collection features something new for everyone!



    Tito Ortiz - Mixed Martial Arts DVD

    Tito Ortiz gives you a great DVD Package!



    Multiple time UFC Champion and coach of The Ultimate Fighter Tito Ortiz spends details you how to reach the incredibly high level of conditioning demanded by the MMA ring or cage. 


    Fight Shop

    OTM Womens Gi White Teal Front
    OTM Women's Gi - White/Teal
    Limited Edition Diaz Brothers Lucky...
    Built to Fight Leather Bag Gloves
    The Turtle Guard DVD
    The Turtle Guard DVD

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