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    Shock Doctor Braces Single - Strapless

    Meets NFHS High School wrestling rules requiring full coverage of upper brace brackets if an athlete has only upper braces.


    FIT SYSTEM: Instant Shock Doctor Braces Single - StraplessFit/No Boiling Required


    Dirty Boxing by Matt Lindland

    Matt 'The Law' Lindland is an all-American wrestler and Greco Roman Wrestling Olympic Silver Medalist - is the most accomplished and celebrated wrestler competing in mixed martial arts today.



    In Dirty Boxing , Lindland provides the tools needed to be proficient in both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, and then demonstrates how to tailor these techniques to overwhelm your opponent in MMA competition. 


    Cage Talk - Inside The Worlds Toughest Sport by Jimmy Page

    Mixed Martial Arts has become the fastest growing sport in the world and is seen in over 170 countries!


    The UFC sparked a revolution in combat sports and has gathered a huge following in America and around the globe. The sport has been embraced by the mainstream media and is regularly televised, breaking pay-per-view records.In this fascinating and gripping book, the author provides an in-depth look at the sport, delving not only into the glory of this tough sport but also behind the scenes and views on the wide range of issues at the heart of the sport by the people closest to it. 


    Shock Doctor Braces Double- Strapless

    Comfort that keeps your smile beautiful!


    INSTA-FIT a special Ortho-Channel fits around both upper and lower teeth brace brackets and adapts to changes in tooth position as braces are adjusted, providing an instant fit and protection from lacerations. 


    OTM Still Rolling Rash Guard

    Yup, we are still rolling On The Mat!

    OTM Still Rolling Logo on the front, OTM Wreath Logo on the back.

    Rash guards were born from the surf world but there are a lot of differences between what’s good for surfing and isn't good for training.  After years on the mat, we have made those changes and created the best training rash guard on the market.  Our rash guards are made of the best premium imported lycra.


    OTM Rash - Ronin Belt Print

    Ronin - Those with no single Master!


    This rash guard has style and protection for you On The Mat!

    Comes in long sleeve or short sleeve solid body rash guard with black sleeves.


    Stephan K. High Percentage Leglocks DVD

    Master the leglocks that work!


    Road Map for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by Stephan Kesting DVD

    This instructional series of DVD's by Stephan Kesting, BJJ Black Belt, CSW Coach, Kajukenbo Black Belt, Instructor under Dan Inosanto!



    Published Author in Black Belt and Ultimate Grappling Magazines, and Instructor/Producer of the Grapplearts Instructional DVD Series.


    Built to Fight Ankle Supports with Traction Pads - Grapple Sox -TM

    Double your drive power for Take Downs with these seemingly normal ankle guards!

    Grapple Sox(TM) were designed by top wrestlers that are used to training in wrestling shoes.  These ankle supports have an extra super grip rubber sole to give you extra traction on any mats or in the cage.  Extra grip means more power to drive through your opponent on take downs.  Indestructible & easy to clean. 


    Champions of Gracie Barra - Carlos Lemos DVD

    Carlos Lemos is a two-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, Pan American and European Champion. He hails from the legendary Gracie Barra Academy in Rio de Janeiro!


    In this exicting DVD, you will learn techniques of one of the most highly recognized fighters in the world. His unique style of takedowns, submissions, and guard passes make this DVD a must-buy for the BJJ and MMA fighter. As a bonus, we have included four of Carlos' matches from the last two Mundials. 


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    Lucky Gi Marcelo Garcia Bag
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