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    Built to Fight Republic of MMA T-Shirt

    Show them you are Built to Fight!


    Sublimated logo on 100% Premium White, or Grey Vapor Tee



    Built to Fight Kamikazi T-Shirt

    Show them you are Built to Fight!


    30/Single 100% Premium Cotton Tee.


    Built to Fight - Kaos Fight Shorts

    Add some style to your Fight!

    On Sale!!



    Built to Fight Bleeding Eagle T-Shirt

    Built To Fight!

    Sale! Was: $23.99 

    30/Single 100% Premium Cotton T.


    Built to Fight - Leather Speed Bag

    These heavy duty speed bags are designed to be used by professionals in professional gyms.

    The speed bag is a very important piece of boxing equipment and in order to work properly it must be balanced, so it will rebound properly allowing you to develop your skills of timing, speed, and endurance.  We have taken extra measures to improve the bag's balance. Polished rivets, laser cut panels, and high quality latex balder make this a pro quality speed bag that is designed to last.



    Built to Fight MMA Shin Guards

    A hybrid cross between a Thai boxing shin guard and a grappling shin guard.



    3 Straps for non slip training.
    Tripled Hook & loop closure for less slippage during ground training. Japanese Latex foam with impact bar for superior impact absorption.
    The front shin pad has been improved with a sleeker fit while adding a second level of foam padding to better absorb powerful kicks. 
    This model features a third strap to better keep the guard in place by reducing side to side slipping. 

    100% Cowhide leather


    Built to Fight Neoprene Grappling Sleeve Shin-Instep

    One of a kind shin instep protection designed specifically for the grappler.


    Neoprene support secures the guard to the foot & shin even through the most intense scrambles.

    Full-back design for unprecednted fit while grappling.


    Built to Fight Patch - Icon Logo

    Show everyone you are Built To Fight!



    10 oz cotton patch keeps your uniform from looking bland.


    Built to Fight - Amateur Competition / MMA Training Gloves

    Built to Fight - Amateur Competition and Great Daily MMA Training Gloves.



    Built to Fight - MMA IFT Safety Gloves (8oz)

    After training with every MMA glove on the market, we took the time to redesign them to maximize training and safety.


    This MMA Fight Glove has had small modifications made to it to improve the glove to be safer, because that is what is really important: staying on the mat and being able to work out more. While you are there training, you don't want your gloves impeding your techniques in any way. This is why we took the time to test and refine our equipment, improving it so you can keep training harder and longer. We are so dedicated to always testing and improving our gear we have also set a new industry standard, the One-Year Equipment Warranty on all MMA Gloves. 


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