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    Total KnockOut Sports Bra

    Don't get knocked out

    Choose your size.


    Choose your size.

    Tough Love Board Shorts

    Show them some Tough Love!


    Tough Love Board shorts are made with the same high quality material as our mens board shorts.

    Available in White or Black 

    Sizes: 00-11


    Undercover "hook-up night" gameplan for Valentine’s Day

    Tue, 2010-02-09 23:17 — Sheena Lee

    When most people think of Valentine’s Day, they think of love, hearts, cupid, and cute little doves, but in reality, it’s just another holiday retailers made up so we can buy more of their useless crap like over priced heart-shaped chocolates and dumb teddy bears that sing and dance. There is, however, one little thing that is over looked in all this madness. It’s the fact that this is probably the best time of the year to have that guilt free hook-up.

    OTM Womens Flower Board Shorts

    Shorts, Not Girly Shorts. These shorts are built to train in.




    Thu, 2010-02-04 12:31 — GiantMatt

    Raphael Lovato Jr. Signature Lucky Gi

    Ralph Lovato Lucky Gi

    "It's expensive, but I tell you it's the best cut gi I have ever worn in over a decade of doing jiujitsu. The pants don't sag like a bag of chips and the top is cut for athletic builds. The fit is perfect."

    Future Fighter Crest Mesh Workout Shorts



    OTM Mesh Workout Shorts

     Great for working out at the gym, working on your fitness.


    OTM - Girls Board Shorts

    Shorts, Not Girly Shorts. These shorts are built to train in.

    Our Shorts go above & beyond the normal remake of a surf trunks that our competitors use.  All our fight shorts use the highest quality material that is a two-way mechanical stretch material with triple stitching and bar tacked reinforced tear zones. Our waist bands are reinforced and feature an inside corded drawstring that will not come untied in the middle of a fight. Our triple closure features the hook and loop closure on the outside so you don't get mat burn from your shorts. 

    Improved Features:


    Fight Shop

    OTM Tetra Board Shorts
    OTM T - Spiroplata
    Kennedy KS Skin Wipes
    Kennedy Athletic Body Cleaning Wipes
    Dirty Boxing by Matt Lindland
    Dirty Boxing by Matt Lindland

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